Advanced Imaging Solutions 2019 Employee Award Winners

Congratulations to our employee award winners. Join us in celebrating those who have demonstrated exemplary performance at Advanced Imaging Solutions in 2019.

We kicked off the fiscal year 2020 by coming together to reflect on what we have achieved in 2019 and discuss our goals for the year to come.

While we have various events throughout the year, this is the one time of the year we truly get the whole company together. Therefore, we see this as an important time to make sure all employees are informed and on the same page.

Additionally, we use this time to celebrate our successes and award our employees who have shown great dedication and motivation.

This year we are awarding 9 individuals. The awards include:

  • Employee of the Year
  • Rising Star
  • Admin Person of the Year
  • Sales Person of the Year
  • Service Person of the Year
  • Paul Cowan Award
  • Ricoh Prestige Certification
  • Ricoh Prestige Recognition

Our employees continue to impress with their dedication to their work and helping our customers. While each award is chosen based on different criteria, our Employee of the Year award was based on employee nominations.

Now let’s take a look at who our employee award winners were for 2019!

The Employee Award Winners

Employee of the Year: Scarlett Anderson

President – Steve Klatt; Customer Care Specialist – Scarlett Anderson

The Employee of the Year award winner for 2019 is our most tenured employee, Scarlett Anderson. Scarlett was nominated by her peers and voted by the leadership team as the Employee of the Year for best exemplifying our company’s Core Values.

Lead with Integrity

Scarlett is the type of person who believes in doing the right thing even when no one else is around. Both internal employees and customers trust Scarlett. For instance, people know that they can rely on her character, ability to follow through on commitments and integrity.

Work Together as a Team

Scarlett has the unique ability to form strong relationships with both employees and customers. While interacting with the technicians, she creates a bond of respect and trust. For instance, she always targets the problem, not the person and keeps the discussions focused on the tasks and the issues. Additionally, Scarlett complements team members on good ideas and suggestions, making them feel a part of the team and encouraging future participation. She treats everyone with respect.

Provide Remarkable Service

Scarlett’s dedication to high-quality standards reflects that both she and Advanced Imaging stand behind our products and services and that we deliver the value that we promise. Her willingness to change and listen to opinions and feedback from other employees and customers helps both her and Advanced Imaging continue to grow.

Commit to Lifelong Learning

Actively seeking out opportunities to pursue knowledge for both personal and professional reasons, Scarlett pursues every avenue available to her to broaden her knowledge base.

Focus on Community

Whether it’s working at Cultivate, taking care of her great-nephew Torreon or volunteering to shop for the Center for the Homeless, Scarlett embraces every opportunity to contribute to our community with enthusiasm.

Rising Star: Casey Colvin & Jake Pittman

The Rising Star award recognizes an employee who steps up and takes the challenges that are thrown at them with a positive attitude. This person embraces our core values. Asks questions about the business so that they can learn how the company operates. Thoughtful in their work and willing to step up and help others.

In order to be acknowledged as a rising star in our company, an individual must be employed with us for less than 3 years.

Advanced Imaging Solutions Rising Star Award Winner
President – Steve Klatt; Marketing Specialist – Casey Colvin; VP of Sales – Chris Jankoviak

This year we couldn’t decide on just one Rising Star. Our first Rising Star is Casey Colvin. Casey has been with the company for just under a year. She found her way to us right out of college and was eager to learn and take on new challenges. Her quality of work is always very high and she works diligently to accomplish every task that’s set before her.

She has made a tremendous impact on our company’s culture through assisting in hosting various events and even just through keeping a positive attitude each and every day. She has grown so much in her short time with our company and has accomplished the personal goals she set for herself in her first week here. Casey is our Rising Star and will continue to make a great impact on our organization for years to come. 

Rising Star: Jake Pittman

President – Steve Klatt; Service Center Engineer – Jake Pittman; VP of Sales – Chris Jankoviak

Our second Rising Star is Jake Pittman. Jake has been with us for a little over a year. He demonstrates excellent customer service and outstanding performance. Our customers often comment on how much they appreciate Jake.

One of our customers requested that Jake work as their primary IT Engineer. They did not realize Jake is a Service Center Engineer, not one of our IT Engineers. This is a testament to the growing knowledge and customer service skills Jake has developed in his short time with our organization.

Additionally, Jake truly cares. He always suggests and implements ideas that will make the team, and company as a whole, great!

Admin Person of the Year: Michelle Roberts

President – Steve Klatt; Software Specialist – Michelle Roberts; Office Manager – Mary Ryan

The Admin Person of the Year award recognizes an employee who exemplifies our company’s core values. This employee should have a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, dedication to the organization and strive to make an impact.

Michelle demonstrates a commitment to our core values, but the impact she has made to our organization over the last year was a big deciding factor in selecting her as our Admin Person of the Year. Michelle has mastered the many software we use on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to her we have been able to take our technology reporting to the next level.

She has helped make strides in our company culture by forming a Culture Committee and leading monthly user groups training sessions. This represents her leadership qualities and the level of commitment she has to make this company a great place to work. We can always count on Michelle to greet us with kindness and to help with any questions we may have.

Sales Person of the Year: Stephen Schaefer

President – Steve Klatt; Major Account Executive – Stephen Schaefer; VP of Sales – Chris Jankoviak

The Sales Person of the Year award recognizes a member of our sales team who best displays our core values. We are pleased to present this award to Stephen Schaefer.

Stephen is a great team player. He is always willing to help his fellow employees and customers. He is motivated to always provide his customers with remarkable service, stepping up to the plate and assisting them in every way possible. Stephen always acts with integrity, ensuring his actions are honest fair. He embraces technology and has a constant desire to know more. Lastly, he is an active member of our community, volunteering on multiple occasions.

Stephen goes above and beyond in every aspect of his position. He is truly deserving of this award. We appreciate his dedication and drive.

Service Person of the Year: Caroline Shemberger

Service Desk Manager – Caroline Shemberger; VP of Professional Services – Ron Young

The Service Person of the Year award recognizes an employee who embodies our core values with extra strength in customer service. Caroline Schemberger has been outstanding this year. She is the epitome of customer service.

Her work on leading the Service Desk has enabled the team to continue to perform at an exceptionally high level. The team handles 800-900 tickets a month. Not only has Caroline excelled with her ‘normal’ job responsibilities, but she has also taken on additional tasks to keep our customers happy and working smoothly. 

As the Service Desk Manager, Caroline runs a tight ship.  She functions daily at a high level and insures the rest of the team does as well. If at any time she becomes aware of a ‘slip’ in customer service, she is quick to take corrective action. When Caroline speaks, everyone listens!  She is an invaluable asset to our team and her professionalism and dedication are very much appreciated.

Paul Cowan Award: Joe Trierweiler

Field Service Technician – Joe Trierweiler; President – Steve Klatt

The Paul Cowan Award is given in honor of one of our greatest Service Technicians, Paul Cowan himself. The Paul Cowan Award for Exceptional Customer Service honors technicians who embody the mission, vision, and values of Advanced Imaging Solutions. We honor an individual who has a track record of positive client interactions, displays stellar customer communication skills, and has a “can-do” and “will-do” attitude. This award distinguishes those who are self-starts, lifelong learners, researchers, and problem-solvers. This individual carries the best interest of both the client and the company into every engagement.

Ricoh Prestige Certification: Mason Silvia

The Ricoh Prestige Certification is awarded by Ricoh based on the test scores of service technicians. There are two tracks for this award, one on Hardware-Engine and one on Technology. This award recognizes an individual who demonstrates resourcefulness as well as exceptional levels of knowledge and technical proficiency. Similarly, this is the highest level of attainment for service technicians within Ricoh’s RFG Circle of Excellence program. In 2019, over 1,750 technicians participated, and only the top 70 scores in the country receive the Prestige Certification. Additionally, we would like to congratulate Mason on winning the Ricoh Prestige Certification in the Technology track. As a result, we are very proud of Mason for his hard work and achievement in attaining this certification and ranking 8th in the whole country!

Field Service Technician – Richard Barger
Technical Support Manager – Mason Silvia

Ricoh Prestige Recognition: Richard Barger

This year we wanted to recognize our Service Technician who received the highest score in the Hardware-Engine track of the Ricoh Prestige test. We had 12 Service Technicians take the exam. Out of those 12, Richard scored the highest, with an 85%. As a result, we are proud of Richard’s accomplishments and excellent customer service.

Years of Service Awards

This year we also recognized employees who hit milestones in their years of service with Advanced Imaging Solutions. We are grateful to have employees who are dedicated and committed to our team over the years. Therefore, we thank you for your many years of service!

35 Years
Scarlett Anderson

20 Years
Mark Sandberg

10 Years
Dennis Durre
Jennifer Strantz
Scott Wood

5 Years
Bob Wotring
Cathy Heide
Denise Claro
Kathy Portolese
Mary Ryan
Peter Eggleson

Interested in working for a company that values its employees? We are always looking to add individuals who will embody our core values to our team. Learn more about our culture and see our open positions here!