Benefits of a managed print services program

How much does your business really spend on printing?

Answering this question is more difficult than it first sounds.

Looking up the upfront costs and consumable costs of your print fleet is easy. However, keeping track of your entire printer-related IT spend is challenging.

Consider, for instance, the cost of printing in color compared to black and white. Color printing can cost up to ten times as much per-page as monochrome. Do your employees follow a strict print policy? For example, which documents must be printed in color, and which ones in black and white. If you do have a policy in place, your business is already ahead of the game. But there are higher-impact ways you can significantly save on printing costs.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is an all-inclusive solution that controls document costs and deploys the most efficient business office equipment available for your organization’s daily document workflow.

How Does a Managed Print Services Program Reduce Printer Waste?

There is much more to the MPS program than refilling spent print cartridges and responding to support tickets for broken printers. Managed Print Service programs help businesses make strategic decisions about how to use print resources efficiently.

Managed Print Services help you control document costs by analyzing your office’s print usage and generating a customized, scalable solution to meet print needs while optimizing efficiency. It extends from the leasing of office printers to the purchase of printer consumables, all under a single invoice.

This can create profound changes in the way your organization does business, particularly in the following areas:

1. Low Page Cost

MPS programs lower the cost of every document you print. The key to achieving this goal is deploying print software that tracks printer usage over a period of time and generates quarterly reports. After the first free print analysis period is complete, your service provider can create a customized solution to meeting your print needs while reducing printer waste, lowering the overall print cost of every document.

A key element of tracking printer usage is differentiating between individual users. Your free print analysis will likely find that a small core of power users is responsible for the majority of your print costs. Control their print usage and your overall print costs will drop dramatically.

2. Accurate Budgeting

In an unmanaged print environment, print costs are a nebulous part of overall IT costs. This leads to a situation where no one is really aware of the full extent of printer-specific costs. Printer supplies and maintenance usually end up as afterthoughts in the larger IT spend picture.

Managed Print Services help you more efficiently categorize print costs. The ability to track printer usage on a per-user basis makes it easy to create an accurate budget that reflects what your organization spends on printer resources.

3. Single Invoice

Another pain point of the unmanaged print environment is the number of separate invoices that require processing. When there is a separate vendor for every single element of your print fleet maintenance, keeping track of them all becomes a task in itself.

An MPS program replaces all of these with a single invoice that you pay each month. Furthermore, the cost is fixed – your MPS provider charges you a fixed rate for the use of your print fleet and takes care of maintenance and scalability on its own.

4. Supply and Service Maintenance

One of the main benefits to implementing an MPS program is having unlimited access to supply and maintenance services. In a typical unmanaged environment, printer maintenance is usually a break/fix routine that results in downtime once a machine stops working.

In a Managed Print Services environment, your provider has a clear incentive to keep your fleet running as much as possible.

5. Remote Monitoring

Another key benefit to contracting an MPS provider is the ability to track print usage on a per-user basis. Remote monitoring of print usage helps you find and isolate users responsible for printer waste. Print usage analysis generates a log that shows just how productive your employees are at the printer.

An Efficient Solution to Streamlining Document Processes

Managed Print Services help you streamline document processes while earning the constant upkeep of a professional copier service company at a single fixed monthly rate. A Managed Print Services program is a scalable, efficient solution to controlling document costs while optimizing efficiency throughout your entire office.

Would you like to enjoy a free print analysis from a reputable local print service provider? Contact one of our specialists today for your print audit.

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  1. I like how you said that having access to a managed print service allows you to have unlimited supplies and maintenance help. This would be really helpful for a new business who doesn’t have the money for supplies, but who still uses them a lot. That way they don’t have to worry about running out, they can simply use what they need to without any problems.

  2. That is a good point that there is a larger number of separate invoices needed to be processed in unmanaged print services. It would be good to have a managed print service to use. That is something that I am sure someone would want if that had a new letter.

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  6. That is nice that printing services help control document costs. Maybe it would be good for a small business to get managed printing services to help save money. If I were a small business owner, I would want to get some printing services.

  7. My husband and I want to start a business. I didn’t know MPS programs could lower the bills for your company when it comes to printing documents. I’ll keep that in mind when we start buying equipment and hiring!

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