Wide format printer printer colorful scene

Do you have a need or desire to print materials larger than your current print device is capable of?

Imagine you need to print a document to cover a large bulletin board. In your current situation your device can only print up to 8.5 x 11 paper. How would you print this bulletin board?

  1. Figure out the print settings to break your large document into multiple sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper.
  2. Cut the edges off each sheet of paper to eliminate the white borders.
  3. Precisely place the sheets together on the bulletin board to form the image.

All of this will be a very tedious, time consuming process. Wouldn’t it be nice to save yourself of this the hassle and time, by simply printing it on one page?

Wide format printers can print a wide range of large-scale documents. Devices come in a variety of sizes, up to 100 inches wide. With the use of roll paper, print lengths are nearly limitless. The size capabilities aren’t the only benefit to owning a wide format printer, there are multiple advantages to having a wide format device on-site. Let’s see if this device would be a benefit for your organization.

Print with Exceptional Quality

Wide format devices produce high quality prints. You can see top notch results when printing:

  • Large Posters
  • Banners
  • Car Wraps
  • Wall Decals

These devices will not distort the image or color quality, so graphic and photo heavy documents will not cause any issues. As a bonus, you can print borderless documents, no more, pesky white border!

Access Prints On-Demand

With a wide format device in office, there is no need to outsource your large-scale print needs to a print shop. You can easily make your own prints at any time, without having to work around the print shops’ schedule. Additionally, if you need your print in a hurry, there will be no delay from pick-up or delivery.

Cut Costs

The up-front costs of a wide format printer may seem a bit high; however, in the long run your organization will see cost savings. An outsourced poster print will run you $20 or more. The same print completed in-house, would only be around $5. As you could imagine, your savings will add up quickly.

Print Quickly

Speed is not an issue, you can print a large size, full-color, poster in just minutes. The machine can print up to 15 large posters within an hour.

Benefit from Advanced Technology

Wide format printers use droplet technology, meaning microscopic ink droplets and precision ejection create vivid images and clear text. The machine can detect the difference in text and graphics, allowing for proper prints. 

Use with Ease

At Advanced Imaging Solutions, we have a trainer that will show you how to use the print device. After a quick demonstration, you will be able to operate this device with ease. However, if you have any questions, our customer care team is always just a call away. Additionally, our service technicians are readily available if any issues occur.

Do the benefits of wide-format printers sound like a great fit for your organization? Contact us today to determine the best device for your needs.