Remote Monitoring Software

Gain access to remote monitoring software for your temperature screening kiosk from Advanced Imaging Solutions, by adding the device to your network. To start, simply download the monitoring software, SmartPass, onto one or more PCs.

Please note, you may need to add 3 firewall exceptions, however, this is fairly simple and won’t take long.

In a previous blog, we introduced you to the features and functions of the kiosks, but now let’s take a deeper dive into the software that makes our kiosk stand apart.

Capabilities of the Remote Monitoring Software

Once you’ve connected the device to your network, you can remotely monitor temperature scans and manage the kiosk without standing at the device. Here is a walk-through of what the remote monitoring software can do:

The Console Dashboard

On the console dashboard of the monitoring software, you can see an overview of information and data.


First, you can see the number of devices and whether they are offline or online, enabling you to monitor each of your devices in one place. Second, statistics about the face scans such as, the total number or face scans and how many were employees, visitors, or strangers. Third, the total traffic for the day and how many of which passed or failed. Lastly, you can see real-time monitoring of employees, visitors, blacklists, and body temperature.

Device Management

The device management tab provides a central location for each of your devices. In this section, you can shut down, restart and reset the device remotely, as well as turn on auto-start settings. Additionally, easily edit the body temperature threshold, mask detection settings, volume settings, and even open the door remotely, if the kiosk is connected to your door settings.

device management

From this tab, you can also load and display the current screen of the kiosk for real-time monitoring, as well as check for software updates on the device.

live screen

Personnel Management


Manage your list of employees with ease. Add employee information individually or in bulk.

To add an employee individually, input their information and a photo. Without a photo, facial recognition won’t be enabled. The information includes personnel ID, name, gender, belonging group, phone number, ID card number, IC card number, nationality, place of birth, date of birth, contact address, and notes. But not all of this information is required.

To import employee information and photos in bulk, there are simple instructions to follow. For the employee list, there is an excel file template. Simply fill that out and import the file.

For the photos, the file name of each portrait will need to match the personnel ID of the corresponding individual. Once you properly name the photos, place them in a Zip file and import. Please note, the recommended photo size is 640px by 480px, each photo must not exceed 500KB. The device only supports jpg and png file types.


Add visitors to the system through the remote monitoring system. Input the visitor information and take a photo of them through the device. Once someone enters a visitor’s information, you can monitor their scans. If their information isn’t entered into the system they are considered a “stranger”. “Stranger” scan history will not be stored. Without entering them into the system, their scan history will not be stored.

Pass Management

In the pass management tab, you can view all the identification records on the device and manage the access rights of employees and visitors.

pass records

System Management

Within the system management tab, you can add and remove user access to the remote monitoring software.

Although connecting the kiosk to your network isn’t necessary, we highly recommend doing so to make this a fully contact-free temperature screening solution. If you have any questions, contact our specialist. We would be happy to help!