Often technology companies, like Advanced Imaging Solutions, will recommend an annual (or periodic) review to go over your account. And you may be asking yourself, “Why should I participate in my annual technology review? What’s in it for me?”

The reason for this type of account review is two-fold:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to share anything noteworthy (good or bad) with your provider.
  2. It allows you to talk about any changes in your environment.

Assessing the Products & Services

Let us share an example with you. In a recent technology review with a client in the Financial industry, we asked if there was noteworthy going on in their environment.

This account review took place 18 months into the contract. The customer was satisfied with their Lanier IM C3500 and there had not been any service concerns.

You may be thinking, “Why would they agree to an account review if they were happy and had no concerns?” and it’s a great question. But in this case, the true value of the review took place in the second half of the discussion.

Assessing Any Changes in the Environment

Changes in Print Volume

In the second part of the annual technology review, we asked if there were any changes in the environment. The client mentioned that the organization was expanding. They had recently brought in a tax specialist who was generating a great deal of additional print and scan volume. Their current print device can handle the additional print volume from the tax specialist, without issues. However, it was important for the client to see a breakdown of what department the volume was coming from.

Fortunately, their current device has an online tracking capability, easily turned on at no additional cost to them.

As a result of participating in the account review, we were able to uncover a no cost solution to address this new challenge.

Need for Additional Devices

Scanning Capabilities Desired

The customer asked if we could help price out a scanner for the new tax division. If you’ve ever shopped for a scanner, you know there are almost as many options for scanners as there are for printers which can make it a challenge!

Through a series of questions, we determined the required specifications:

  • Ability to scan large documents, sometimes mixed sizes
  • Be a network scanner, connecting to a folder
  • Allow for multiple people to access

Understanding the Technology Landscape

Part of our relationship development with our clients is making it our priority to understand their work environment. In this situation, we know that the customer is a Microsoft Office 365 Business Partner. Additionally, we know that they are users of OneDrive. So we determined that rather than needing a standalone scanner, the right fit is actually a software integration implementation.

In this case, the solution is the Ricoh Smart Integration Connector subscription. This is available for a low additional monthly cost. This subscription adds:

  • The ability to scan directly to OneDrive at scan speeds of 240 images per minute (ipm)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities
  • Blank page deletion
  • File naming at the time of the scan

Through a simple implementation, this software has brought great value to the customer and has given them more features than they initially requested!

Because this is a cloud-based software, no additional devices were required, the subscription was easily added to the device in a matter of days and set up and training took place in less than an hour on location.

Value of the Technology Account Review

By simply participating in an account review, this client now benefits from:

  • The ability to track print volume
  • A streamlined scanning solution

In conclusion, many of the accounts we work with find great value in periodic meetings, such as the one described above. So take advantage of your free technology account reviews so that you can be sure your technology is keeping up with your changing business environment. Most providers offer these consultations at no additional cost to you.

At Advanced Imaging Solutions, we are more than just copier providers. We want to be your trusted advisors, helping you maximize your technology investment. We take great pride in having a valuable partnership with each of our clients.

Feel free to reach out to schedule your next annual technology review or to discuss challenges you may face with your document handling or office technology needs.