Benefits of Print Workflow Software

What is a print workflow?

The easiest way to describe a print workflow is the full process of completing one or multiple print jobs; from preparing a document for print to the time it comes off the printer.

Production print devices and their compatible software have helped to make print workflows almost entirely automated for their users. As a result, businesses can minimize errors, manage time, and save money on their print jobs.

Print Workflow Software Solutions

Print workflow solutions, such as EFI’s Fiery and Xante’s iQueue, are tools designed to improve processes and make life easier for printer operators. For example, workflow tools allow you to take a PDF, the most common file type in printing, and apply all the print settings the document needs.

With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look at the robust functionality of the two workflow solutions mentioned above, Fiery and iQueue.

Fiery Workflow Suite

The Fiery workflow suite from EFI, is compatible with a variety of production printers, including products from Ricoh Family Group and Canon. Below are the various stages of production printing that Fiery solutions can help improve.

Job Submission

Fiery’s online print submission portal makes it easy for a customer to submit a print job, and operators to submit jobs with the proper settings. For instance, customers can determine how they want their print job completed without complicated printing terminology, eliminating any room for error from miscommunication. This includes a preview of what the print will look like once it’s completed, so the customer knows exactly what to expect.


In the prepress stage, operators can correct any file errors such as, missing fonts, spacing issues, and image enhancement. Preset workflows can correct the file before the operator even gets to it, saving them the time of correcting these errors. This tool prevents operators from making mistakes. For example, visually checking the job, will reduce waste by preventing incorrect jobs from being printed at all.


Simplify tedious document preparation tasks in one user-friendly visual interface. Create templates for jobs with preset specs, insert tabs, combine documents, whether digital or preprinted, and more.

Variable Data Printing

Quickly produce high-margin documents that make a statement, with user-friendly variable data printing tools. For example, personalized direct mail.

Color Management

Stop struggling with color quality. Color management tools provide reliable, consistent, and accurate color reproduction on all documents. Therefore, your team will spend less time dealing with quality issues.

Output Management

Optimize your document output, split a document so color pages are run on the color printer and black and white pages are run on the black and white device. Or split a job so its run on 2 engines to complete it as fast as possible.


Fiery servers consolidate print management. For example, users can operate multiple print engines all in one dashboard. Contact us for more information on which devices are compatible with Fiery servers.

iQueue Workflow

iQueue from Xante is compatible with Xante’s line of digital presses, including the En/Press, which is ideal for envelope production. Below are some of the benefits the iQueue Workflow can provide your business.

  • Job Sharing via Shared Folders
  • Amazing Adobe PostScript PDF Workflow
  • USPS Certified Address Verification, Correction, Sorting and Barcoding
  • Verified Mailing List Records
  • Full Speed Variable Data Printing
  • Accurate Job Cost Estimator
  • Powerful Sequential Numbering
  • Spot Color Matching
  • PANTONE Color Library
  • Saved Job Templates
  • Job Ready Design Templates
  • And more!

Another great solution from Xante is iQueue PDF-Out. In general, this software enables you to use the iQueue Workflow to manage every digital print device in your fleet, including those that are not Xante devices. Additionally, this solution allows you to pre-select settings on digital files and save them as PDFs for output to any print device on your network.

Overall, production print equipment and workflow software are the perfect pair for ultimate efficiency in print shops. However, other business types could benefit from these tools. For example, if your business is outsourcing an abundance of envelopes or marketing documents, production equipment could enable you to bring printing in-house with ease.