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Lanier, Ricoh and Savin have recently launched a portfolio of Cloud Workflow Solutions designed to improve your processes and save your organization time. The business world is moving from hard copies to digital, in an effort to improve productivity and speed. However, many of the digital processes still involve manual work. The solution is not to move back to the way your organization used to operate, rather keep moving forward to achieve the productivity goals you hope for.

Essentials and Connectors Packages

Did you know your copier can do more than copy? The new Essentials and Connectors packages enable your copier to automate mundane tasks, saving you time and energy. Now your copier can work harder, so you don’t have to. Below are a few features included in these packages.

Capability to edit a paper document

Imagine this, you are tasked with changing the phone number on all external-facing documents. However, you don’t have access to these files digitally. Rather than tracking down these digital files, if you could even find them all, wouldn’t it be nice to digitally edit the paper file? Easily scan a file into an editable and searchable format using optical character recognition (OCR). Now your documents are all in one place and you can easily make the change to that phone number.

Scan to the cloud and email

In addition to scanning directly to a folder on your network, your organization could see the benefits of scanning to email. Save yourself the time and energy of finding the file in your folder by scanning the file directly to who needs it instead. Additionally, you will have access to edit file format options and the email subject line. If your organization uses a cloud storage account (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint) you could also scan files directly into the folders hosted there.

Offer secure mobile and guest printing

How are you currently handling guest printing needs? Avoid tedious workarounds, device-specific drivers, and network access. Enable people to print how, when, and where they need it, by submitting jobs via email, an app, a web browser, or your ERP system. Simply approach a printer to release the job. Mobile printing doesn’t mean losing control, your guests can print without getting full access to your private network.

Workflows and Advanced Workflows Packages

The new cloud workflow solutions from Lanier are here to help reduce the burden of manual tasks. When automation is done right, it is a very powerful tool. Let us show you how these solutions can help you to be truly productive.

Reduce manual data entry

The transition to digital processes in accounting, HR, file storage, etc., has eliminated many manual tasks. However, if the files in these workflows are not properly set up, your organization may see an unexpected hit to productivity. Applications like these could come to a halt when people are required to step in. Avoid manually extracting data, entering content, assigning file tags or descriptions, even retyping information, by creating a system that prepares files for you.

Route Information where it’s needed

How many people in your organization understand the steps of your processes? Often, only a few people know the details of each task. If this is the case, your workflows can easily be stalled when an employee is out. The solution to eliminating manual entry is to connect the steps and send information directly to its destination.

Improve speed and accuracy

If you’ve embraced the move towards digitization your process speeds have improved, however, digital information can still be held up in touchpoints before moving to the next step. Automation will prepare information properly, getting it to its destination quickly, so information is available for the people who need it. Establishing a consistent system will improve accuracy and reduce risk or error.

Free up your staff

Do you see your staff held up in processes because of manual input tasks? Eliminate inefficiency by automating the tedious steps. Let tasks like this be completed in the background while your team stays focused on more important projects.

Get Started Now

The cloud workflow solutions are secure and very easy to install, meaning no complicated involvement of your IT department. Because these solutions are hosted on the cloud, Lanier will keep the software up to date, allowing the capabilities to grow with you.

Interested in any of these features above? Check to see if you have a Lanier, Ricoh or Savin MFP with a Smart Operations Panel (Gen 2.0 or later). If you do, you are one step away from benefiting from this robust software. Contact us to request a free trial.

If you don’t have the proper Lanier, Ricoh or Savin MFP, there are still beneficial solutions available to you. Gain the flexibility of having your equipment grow with you. Contact us today to learn what options you have.