cost of a production printer

What is a production printer?

A production printer is a high-speed digital print device, with more functionality and faster speeds than the common office quality multifunction printer. For example, production printers typically have speeds of more than 65 pages per minute (ppm). Quality standards and finishing options make this type of printer ideal for marketing collateral such as booklets, manuals, brochures, flyers and more.

There are 2 types of production printers, color and black & white (B/W). B/W units are designed to produce large volumes of black and white print jobs quickly. Color units are designed to run a large volume of color and a lower volume of B/W prints. There are several factors that can affect the price of a production printer.

How much does a new production printer cost?

When looking at the cost of a production unit there are several factors that affect the price. As a starting point, a base model B/W production printer starts at $47,000 and a color unit starts at $55,000.

Production printers are highly customizable enabling you to create the ultimate print solution for your business needs. However, speeds, features, and add-on equipment will all impact the price of a production unit.

What factors affect the price of a production unit?

When selecting the ideal production unit for your business needs, you’ll have many options to choose from that affect the price. Here are some questions to ponder:

Will you need a color or black & white device?

What is your anticipated page volume?
Note: Volume will help determine the speed of device your organization needs, ranging from 65 pages per minute to 136 pages per minute.

Do you run very large quantity jobs?

Do you print jobs require finishing equipment such as, folding units, booklet makers, etc.?

Will your organization benefit from print workflow software, such as, Fiery?

These options and more are all important to consider when researching the price of a production printer.

Will the device come with service and supplies?

Service and supplies are another factor to consider when determining the cost of a production unit. A service contract will cover maintenance and supplies, giving you peace of mind with your device.

Your anticipated page volume, or click-rate, determines the cost of your service contract. Production printers typically have a low cost per page based off a 11×17 sheet (not an 8.5×11).

For example, if your per page cost for color is $.08 for 8.5×11, on a production unit it would be $.08 for a 11×17. If you run sheets 2 up on a 11×17 and then cut them down it would only be $.04 per page.

For your convenience, the production device and the service contract can be bundled together for an affordable lease payment plan. Click here for more information about the cost of a service contract.

The price of a production print device can add up quickly. However, keep in mind you likely already have an outsourcing budget which a production printer will replace and, in some cases, save you money. Additionally, bringing outsourced printing in-house will give you control over due dates and print quantities, providing on-demand printing. As a bonus, a lease payment is easier to budget than outsourced print costs.

In summary, the cost of a production printer depends! Working with a production print specialist will give you a better idea of what a production device that meets your needs will cost.