interactive whiteboard

Today’s youth does not know a world without technology. Many children are using smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices at a very young age. While this may not be what educators are used to, this can be leveraged to improve student participation. The use of technology in the classroom, such as Ricoh’s Interactive Flat Panel Displays (electronic whiteboard), could take your curriculum to the next level.

Imagine this scenario…

Fifth grade teacher, Sarah, is working through her lesson plan for the day. She has given the students a math worksheet to complete. Jessica knows this material like the back of her hand and finishes the assignment in just a few minutes. She is already questioning what to work on next. On the other side of the classroom, Billy is having a hard time focusing and hasn’t even touched his worksheet.

The teacher must quickly decide how to handle this dilemma. She can’t let Jessica work ahead and doesn’t want Billy to get a poor grade on the assignment. She is torn on what to do.

With the use of an Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) or electronic whiteboard, Sarah’s lesson plan could have gone differently. Instead of handing out paper worksheets for the students to complete on their own, she could have utilized the interactive capabilities of the IFPD. Each student could complete a problem on the touch screen device, in front of the class, while the students follow along in their own notebooks. Billy, the hands-on learner, would be focused and engaged. While, Jessica would be working at the same pace as the whole class.

How could an IFPD benefit a classroom?

Interactive Flat Panel Displays could make the life of an educator easier, while improving students’ engagement, collaboration, and productivity in the classroom.

Benefits to Educators:

  1. Ease of Use
    IFPD’s come ready to operate. The user-friendly interface is simple to learn, after a brief training, the user will be ready to get started! (Note: the controller operates on Windows 10 software)
  2. Integration with Technology
    In the current day and age, most teachers have smart phones, tablets, computers, etc. A teacher can easily attach their device(s) to the display board. Additionally, since the IFPD operates as a computer, educators have a world of online resources at the tip of their fingers.  
  3. Savings
    Cut costs and help the environment by minimizing the use of paper and working to eliminate paper and ink waste.

Benefits to Students:

  1. Increase Engagement
    Bring a student’s learning to life with bright, colorful visuals, as well as, hands-on interaction with the large touchscreen. Accommodate to different learning styles in ways that may not be possible using chalkboards and worksheets.
  2. Create Inspiration
    Students will be inspired to learn because they are excited to use the boards. Class will feel less like a chore and more like an activity of choice.
  3. Utilize Collaboration
    Encourage collaboration with peers by allowing students to work together on the board, with multi-touch capabilities multiple students can make edits on the screen at one time.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays (electronic whiteboard) open the door to modern education. If you are interested in changing your current curriculum to one that could increase student engagement and save you time, contact us for a FREE interactive demonstration. One of our specialists will break down the full range of capabilities of an IFPD and answer your questions to help you determine if this is the right tool for your organization.