cloud storage

With free, easy cloud storage available from some of tech’s biggest names, why would anyone pay for document management?

It turns out there are several reasons your company should pay for storage. Some of them represent business-critical advantages, especially in the long term. When running a business, the need for robust, scalable, on-demand infrastructure is non-negotiable.

However, free cloud storage does allow businesses to experiment with potentially useful features. These features can help drive an eventual procurement discussion with real-world evidence. An organization that knows what it wants and how much value its acquisitions will provide is more than ready for a customized document management solution (DMS).

Free Cloud Storage Limitations

As with any free product or service, free cloud storage comes with limitations. For example, the free tier of Google’s Compute Engine provides your business with 20% of a single virtual CPU, 600 MB of memory, and 30 GB of storage. Cloud Vision and Speech features are also heavily limited.

Amazon and Microsoft are only marginally different from an infrastructure point of view. This makes free cloud storage a better option for home offices than a proper scalable platform for small business growth.

Any serious organization will quickly run up against the wall of free cloud storage. When that happens, you may find your organization in a locked-in environment. For example, migrating to a new service costs more than simply staying the course. Your company can end up sacrificing productivity just to keep things running smoothly.

This is why implementing a well-designed document management system from the start can be a better long-term strategy. Document management can scale to your needs without costing more than it provides in terms of value.

Document Management Solutions Do More

Free cloud storage offers an easy way to save, send, and retrieve documents. However, it does not offer a streamlined method for converting paper documents into a digital format. Document management systems are able to collect, store, secure, maintain, and retrieve digital documents in a variety of formats as needed.

Comprehensive document management solutions include streamlined methods for converting documents and making them easily editable. This reduces the amount of time it takes to process documents and improves workflow quality across the board.

The ability to automate time-consuming processes is a cornerstone of the value document management systems represent. When cloud storage providers offer document capture automation, it is always at a cost. This cost is often more expensive than a solution like Square 9.

From enterprise content management to business process management, there are a wide range of applications that large-scale cloud storage providers are ill-equipped to offer. In most cases, it’s because they can’t afford to spend time customizing services for small companies.

But DMS experts like our team at Advanced Imaging Solutions are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We can assess, deploy, and integrate value-generating document solutions that offer greater degrees of automation and flexibility than free cloud storage can.

The Benefits of Managing a Team of Process Development Experts

One of the key benefits to choosing to work with a company like Advanced Imaging Solutions is the ability to leverage the expertise of an entire team of infrastructure experts. We can help you develop processes that make the best-possible use of our selection of top-shelf technology.

This includes important expertise in cybersecurity, which free cloud storage solutions conveniently forget to offer. If your organization deals with sensitive data, you need to ensure compliance with data security standards that protect users’ information against cybersecurity vulnerabilities – threats that you are responsible for protection against.

Dedicated document management experts can also create custom API solutions for automating different parts of your business structure. The development of document management APIs increases productivity and efficiency by reducing your reliance on manual labor to transmit, edit, and process documents.

Additionally, our services can offer you access to robust file versioning capabilities. When you need access to a particular version of a document well after processing, our systems can make that particular version available to you.

This reduces user interface clutter and streamlines a broad variety of business tasks. It improves accounting, customer service, sales – every process that relies on accurate customer data. Without a DMS in place, your workflows won’t keep up with the growth of your business as employees struggle to organize themselves effectively.

With automated file processes and the ability to manage user permissions throughout every level of your organization, content and document management solutions offer much more than free cloud storage can.

Who does Document Management Work Well For?

Any growth-oriented business that is looking to save time, cut costs, and improve the efficiency of its processes should implement a DMS solution.

Find out if it’s time for your business to take the step towards robust document management. Contact one of our specialists to learn about the available DMS options from Advanced Imaging Solutions.