document security

Do collaboration tools create security risks for organizations? If you ask most business owners and process managers, the answer is yes.

At first glance, this approach seems to make sense. The more time and energy that goes into security processes like user authentication, the less that goes into value-generating processes.

However, this dynamic is not a structural part of document security. It is a sign of improper implementation. A thoughtfully developed security solution improves collaboration within an organization.

The key is finding an expert service provider who can create a customized solution that adds value to your work.

Document Security Ensures Business Continuity

If it seems like the entire office technology industry is talking about security, it’s for good reason. The number of cyberattacks worldwide has grown by a factor of 700 percent in the last year.

Today’s organizations don’t have only black-hat hackers to worry about, but also corporate spies and even state-sponsored operatives.

Small and mid-sized businesses are tempting targets for cybercriminals around the world. This is because most businesses with less than 1000 employees can’t afford to put robust cybersecurity solutions in place. They don’t have access to the in-house resources necessary to make such a solution economically viable.

The fact is that downtime and reputation hits can be more damaging for smaller businesses. There is a clear case for tight security forming the bedrock of any reasonable small business continuity plan. 60 percent of small businesses victimized by cyber attacks go out of business within 6 months.

Ensuring document security doesn’t just mean protecting data from “bad actors” who want access to your sensitive information. It also means protecting your company from unexpected natural disasters, as well.

Think about what would happen if your entire office was flooded or otherwise rendered unusable. In most cases, the catastrophic loss of data would render your business completely unable to operate. As a result, if you fail to replace the lost data, the damage may be irreversible.

If you have a robust, cloud-based document security platform that gives you unlimited access to your business documents and processes, you can get your business up and running quickly. All it takes is the temporary rental of a different physical office with compatible workstations and network infrastructure.

How Security Improves Document Retrieval

To address the way a robust security platform can help your business improve document retrieval, it’s important to imagine how this type of security solution works. This level of security does not mean simply backing up important documents and picking up wherever you left off in case of an emergency. It means having complete, redundant copies of documents and processes in multiple places.

This means having sufficient bandwidth and network infrastructure to run your entire business off the cloud if need be. Successfully using a backup of this magnitude requires carefully planning a document storage solution to be compatible.

At Advanced Imaging Solutions, we create document storage solutions that use next-generation security technology to ensure that documents are accurately captured and placed in the correct folders corresponding to their purpose. For instance, this minimizes filing errors and ensures every employee knows where to find the documents they need – from any device!

Furthermore, you can track document views and log version histories to create audit trails that identify where, when, and by whom individual documents were processed. This powerful functionality ensures that every action that takes place on your corporate network is traceable.

Document Management Gives You Access Control

Establishing compliant document management rules through a digital system also offers an additional benefit. Managers and supervisors can define user privileges throughout their departments.

This improves document accuracy by ensuring no individual user has unauthorized access to any documents in the system. Limiting individual users’ privileges to read-only, write-only, read-and-write, or full-admin reduces the likelihood of an employee accidentally changing information in a document and then saving it in its faulty format.

At Advanced Imaging Solutions, our team develops and deploys document management solutions that allow for a broad range of access privileges. These have other cost-saving benefits as well, such as limiting users with print privileges, which reduces the number of times employees print digital documents. We can implement solutions to meet the needs of your processes to the letter.

File versioning ensures that even if mistakes like this do occur, they can quickly be remedied by anyone with sufficient privileges. There is no analogue between these capabilities and those of paper – with a management platform that offers document security in your hands, you have complete control over your business.

Looking for ways to improve document security in your organization? Talk to one of our specialists to find out how the latest technology can meet your needs.