If you are wondering how many printers your office space will need, you may be tempted to make your decision based only on the number of employees, but in fact, print volume is really the name of the game when it comes to determining how many printers your team will need. Here are 3 measures to help you determine your office’s projected print volume and install just the right number of printers:

Number of Pages Printed

Whether you find it easiest to ballpark estimate a daily, weekly, or monthly total of printed pages in your office, choose one of these metrics to estimate and visualize how much paper your team is currently printing.

If your team consists of multiple departments with several team members within each, think about which departments print materials regularly and which departments only sometimes or even rarely use the printer.

Size of Team

The size of your team likely has an impact on the print volume too. Are you a team of 15 or less employees? Perhaps you have 100+ employees? Whatever your team’s size is, make note of this as you make your decision. While not every team member or department prints paper at the same volume, the total number of employees typically does play role in overall print volume.

Location of Team

How many of your employees work in the same office space? And how many of your employees work in a satellite space or perhaps remotely from their homes? Consider this factor when purchasing and installing printers.

And furthermore, consider the layout of your office space. Do you have a large space separated by floors? If so, you may need to consider multiple printer locations according to the layout and number of employees using the printer in the particular area of the space.

Examining the 3 factors listed above — number of pages printed, size of team, and location of team — can be a helpful way to determine how many printers your office will need as well as both where to locate these machines and what built-in features the printers will need to be equipped with.

(Source: https://visualedgefl.com/small-business-printers/)

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