document scanner cost

Before we discuss the cost of a document scanner, let’s define what a scanner does. A document scanner is a standalone device that scans a paper document into a digital format. For example, one might scan a paper document so that it can be stored, viewed, and edited on a computer.  

So how much does a scanner cost? Some scanners run around $100 while others can cost upwards of $1,000. The price depends on multiple factors. 

How Price can Vary: 

Type of Scanner 

There are two common types of scanners: flatbed and sheet-fed. Prices will vary between the two. 

A flatbed scanner has a flat scanning surface. This is ideal for documents of assorted sizes and bulky items such as magazines, pages of a book, and photographs. 

A sheet-fed scanner can only process paper documents. Some models can scan multiple pages quickly in a row. Without having to scan each individual page manually.  

Document Type 

As mentioned above, the type of document you intend to scan will play a large part in what type of scanner is best for your needs. For example, if your organization needs to scan drivers’ licenses, you will need a special type of scanner. 

Scan Volume 

How many scans you need to make in a day will affect the price of your scanner. When selecting a scanner, you must purchase one based on how many scans you intend to run a day. Scanners capable of scanning higher volumes will have a higher cost.  

Scan Destination  

Where you plan to send scans to is important to consider when purchasing a scanner. The scan capabilities may affect the price of the device. However, it’s important to ensure your device can scan where you need.  

Examples include: 

  • Scan to Folder 
  • Scan to Email 
  • Scan to Google Drive 
  • Scan to ERP 


The price will vary based on the type of connectivity. You must decide whether you want a scanner that is connected to your network or just connected by USB. 

Software Compatibility 

Selecting a device that is compatible with the various software your organization uses eliminates future frustrations, however, more advanced technology will increase the price. 

How to know if a scanner is the right device for your needs: 

Before purchasing a standalone scanner, consider if a scanner is truly the best device for your needs or if purchasing a multifunction printer (MFP) would make more sense. For example, here are a few situations where a multifunction device may make more sense than a scanner.  

  1. Consider the devices you already own. If you are planning to buy a scanner for an area that already has a desktop printer, that footprint could be consolidated with one multifunction device.  
  1. Think about the individuals that will share the scanner. Would they benefit from having the additional capabilities a multifunction print device can provide? For instance, it may be more beneficial to place an MFP in the finance department rather than a scanner, if the team does not have close access to a printer/copier. 

There are multiple scenarios where a standalone scanner is an ideal solution, however, in situations like the above it’s more practical and cost effective to purchase a multifunction device. Thoroughly evaluate your work environment and the tasks at hand in your organization to ensure you make the best purchase for your organization.  

In order to determine the true cost of a scanner, we recommend contacting a document specialist. A specialist can work with you to determine what scanner is best for or your needs or if a multifunction printer is a better match.