Place a Service Request

Thank you for choosing Advanced Imaging Solutions as your trusted service provider. This guide walks you through your options to place a service request and shows you the process of what happens after your request is made.

Place a Service Request

When you experience an issue with your printer or copier, the first step to getting your machine back up and running is to place a service request. To make this process as easy as possible, there are multiple ways to submit your request.

Online Web Portal (E-Info)

The first option is our online web portal, E-Info, where you can manage your print devices. On this portal, you can request service, order supplies, submit meter readings, and track your requests. This is the preferred method for most customers.

Check out the tutorial below to see how to use E-Info.

Phone Call

Place your service request over the phone with one of our Customer Care Specialists. To do so, call (800) 332-6793 with your equipment ID number handy. You can find your equipment ID on the Advanced Imaging Solutions sticker on your print device. 

Example of an equipment label.

Web Form Submission

Request service through a form on our website. To access the web form, visit our Contact Us page. Simply fill out your contact information, include your equipment ID number, and provide a short description of the issue with your print device.

This method may have a slight delay from the time we receive it, to the time we enter it into our system. For this reason, we recommend submitting your request through the E-Info portal or via the phone.

Contact from a Service Technician

Once your service request has been entered into our system, it is automatically assigned to a technician through the equipment ID number. After the call is assigned, the technician will contact you within 2 hours.

During this initial contact, the technician will ask questions about your device’s issue to better prepare themselves for the repair. In some scenarios, the technician can help you repair the device over the phone. We can often resolve misfeed errors and issues with print quality over the phone. This enables your device to be back at full operation right away.

Additionally, our team creates how-to video blogs to assist with common errors, here. Some topics include:

On-site Repair

If a call is still needed or the technician cannot repair the device over the phone, he/she will come on-site to perform the repair. Advanced Imaging Solutions always guarantees the availability of authorized trained service personnel during regular working hours to repair and maintain equipment.

Our service technicians have completed extensive training on every product we offer. Additionally, each technician has been supplied a laptop, cell phone, and company vehicle. Each vehicle is stocked with the necessary parts, tools, and technology to set them up for success on the majority of repairs.

How long until a service technician shows up after you place a service request?

To answer that question, you first need to understand our two service request categories:

  1. The machine is still working but there have been some issues (operational)
    • Occasional misfeeds, copy quality, etc.
  2. The machine, mechanically, is not functional (non-operational)
    • Unable to copy, scan, fax, or print

In the first situation, we have an average response rate of 4-8 hours. For the second situation, which can be a complete hindrance to your business, we guarantee an average response rate of under 4 hours.

Back to Business

We resolve nearly 80% of our service calls on the first visit, so the chances of your request needing a second visit are low. On occasion, a technician will not be able to complete a repair on the first visit. This is often due to the need to order a part. When this is the case, a part will be ordered with expedited delivery so the repair can be completed as soon as possible. In some cases, we will need to involve a specialist to help with the repair. In that situation, we schedule a second visit so that our team can return with the specialist.

Once the technician resolves your device’s issue, he/she will run tests to ensure the machine is working properly. If the machine passes the test, your device is ready for use! After testing, the technician will clean the device, check for supplies, and ask if there are any other issues they can help with today.

If for any reason the issue returns, or a new issue arises, contact us again and our team will be back out to take another look.