SC501-504 error codes

If you have a Ricoh, Lanier or Savin multifunction printer, you’ve likely had one of the SC501-01 through SC504-01 error codes pop up on your device a time or two. This pesky code shuts down your device and stalls operation. While the code says to call service, that may not be necessary.

An end-user can typically resolve this service code with a simple repair. No need to call and wait for a service technician to repair the device. You can have your device up and running again in a matter of minutes!

What are SC501-01 through SC504-01 error codes?

SC501, SC502, SC503 and SC504 codes are tray related errors. SC501 is an error with tray 1, SC502 is an error with tray 2, and so on.

A device will typically shoot this error code because of 1 of 3 problems:

  • The related tray is loaded incorrectly
  • The tray is overloaded, meaning it is filled over the max fill line (or the paper in the tray is too heavy for the machine to lift)
  • Paper is stuck behind the tray

Steps to resolve your service code

  1. Determine which tray the service code is referring to, for this example, the code is an SC501 error, so we will be working with tray 1.
  2. Pull tray 1 open. Check to see if the paper is filled above the max fill line. If yes, remove some paper so it is below the line.
  3. Tilt the tray up a little to remove it from the device.
  4. Check inside the device. Remove any paper stuck behind the tray.
  5. Put the tray back inside the device and close it.
  6. The code will still be on your screen. To remove it simply shut down the device by hitting the external power button.
  7. The machine will go through a shutdown process. Wait for the screen to go black and the light to shut off.
  8. Wait a moment and power the device back on.
  9. Now your service code is resolved!

If your code is still there, you can repeat the steps to make sure you didn’t miss anything, or place a service call to have a technician take a look at the machine.