Secure Print

What is Secure Print?

When printing from a computer, Secure Print enables you to hold a print job in the memory of an MFP until you enter the correct PIN (Personal Identification Number) on the operation panel of the device itself. With Secure Print, you can prevent the prints of confidential documents from being seen by others. 

How to Use Secure Print on Windows 

  1. Navigate to print a document 
  2. Once the print dialog box opens, select the printer you would like to use 
  3. Click “Preferences” or “Properties” 
  4. In the Output Method dropdown, select “Secured Print” 
  5. Click “Yes” in the pop-up menu if you want to use the same user name and PIN every time. Click “No” if you want to change the user name and PIN before each print 
  6. If you selected “Yes,” enter a user name and PIN. If you selected “No,” enter a document name, a user name and a PIN 
  7. Click “OK” 
  8. Ensure the rest of your print settings are how you want them and hit “OK” again 
  9. Hit “Print” 

Note: If you do not have the option to select Secured Print as the Output Method, someone with an administrator account will need to access the print driver and allow the use of secured print. To do so, right click on the device and select Printer properties. Then, select the Device Settings tab and check “Allow Use of Secured Print.” 

How to Use Secure Print on Mac 

  1. Navigate to print a document 
  2. Once the print dialog box opens, select the printer you would like to use 
  3. Select “Show Details” or “Print using system dialogue” 
  4. Change the drop-down option below the orientation to “Special Features” 
  5. Change the Job Processing drop-down to “Secured Print” 
  6. Click “Print” 
  7. In the popup, enter the “Document Name”, “User Name”, and “PIN” 
  8. Press “OK” 

How to Retrieve the Secured Print 

After you have sent the secured print job, you have 30 minutes to print the document from the printer. If you surpass the 30-minute mark, the document will be deleted from the machine’s memory. 

  1. Press the Home button on the device 
  2. Select “Secure Print” 
  3. If two or more users have secured print jobs on the device, select your user name 
  4. Next, select the secured document you want to print 
  5. Enter the PIN 
  6. Hit “Apply” 
  7. Collect your printed document 

With this simple setting, you won’t have to run to the copier to get your print job before someone else! Hopefully, you have found this print tip to be helpful. If you have any additional questions, our team will be happy to help.