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The benefits of using document management software (DMS) are clear for most small to mid-sized businesses. These solutions offer greater reliability, better security, and improved efficiency than paper-based solutions or free cloud hosting.

But what about the rest of your business-critical applications? To be truly useful, you need to be able to rely on your DMS to integrate seamlessly with your entire suite of existing programs and processes. Plenty of executives have heard of horror stories surrounding DMS integration. Whether important documents got lost during transfer or existing software licenses were rendered unusable, the potential for problems to occur during DMS integration seems high.

At first, these fears seem well-founded. There is a broad variety of DMS solutions available on the global market. So invariably, a small subset of business owners will end up choosing the wrong one.

But all of those cases share one important element. Those business owners simply made the wrong choice because they did not benefit from expert help.

At Advanced Imaging, we take time to learn about our clients’ processes. As well as, to identify the best path forward for implementing next-generation document management software into their existing processes. The fact that the market offers so many options means that there is always a way to fit an existing software suite under a unified DMS umbrella.

Trust the Experts When Choosing Document Management Software

One of the ways Advanced Imaging Solutions helps our clients enjoy the greatest ROI from document management implementation is through expert consulting. As experts in DMS integration, our team can identify the best solutions for integrating many widely used applications into a single easily-managed system.

For instance, one of our software vendors, Square 9, offers compatibility with a wide variety of business-critical applications like:

  • SalesForce
  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Office 365 and more

If your team is already comfortable with these applications, then bringing a DMS onboard only adds to their capabilities. There is no need for extensive on-site training and no need to consume extra resources before being able to leverage your solutions to create value.

If your employees use different tools, we can create a customized document management solution that fits those needs. You can keep using the customer relationship management or enterprise resource management software that your employees are most familiar with while still being able to benefit from the collaborative work space that a DMS offers.

Advanced Imaging Solutions specialists can even create customized solutions designed specifically to bridge otherwise incompatible software solutions. By creating and implementing a custom API, we can generate solutions for improving modular business functions between vendors using automated technology.

Custom APIs allow different software packages to communicate with one another. This reduces the need for manual labor and increases efficiency with the use of process automation.

What About Integration & Employee Training?

One of the major concerns that business owners have surrounding the implementation of document management systems is employee training. The idea is that overloading employees with additional tools and training can reduce team cohesion and individual effectiveness.

However, this is another field where expert consulting and service can create significant value. Modern document management solutions do not have complex front ends. They are designed with simplified user interfaces to make employees’ lives easier.

The key is choosing the right DMS for the job and building the appropriate back-end infrastructure to match.

How We Can Help

Advanced Imaging Solutions can provide this service. We choose the best match from our document management partners. Then, create the infrastructure that your organization needs to make the best use of those resources. By automating as many complex processes as possible, the actual cognitive load each employee undergoes is reduced.

The process of creating custom APIs and back-end infrastructure may sound too expensive for small to mid-sized businesses, but it’s not. In fact, the ability to create solutions and scale them to meet a variety of business needs puts vendors like AIS in a highly advantageous position when it comes to creating customized solutions like these.

As experts in document processing and document management software, we can leverage our existing solutions to provide value for new clients on a constant basis. Many of the problems we solve on a daily basis are iterations of problems our specialists have encountered already. We simply fit our existing solution to the parameters of the job at hand.

This expert approach makes efficient document management affordable to implement, easy to use, and economically feasible for any small to mid-sized businesses. Gain the speed and reliability of enterprise content infrastructure.

It’s time for your business to implement next-generation document management software. Talk to one of our specialists here.

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