Is a Managed Print Services (MPS) program right for you? Most companies feel they have a pretty good handle on their print needs. When they need toner, they buy it. When they need service, they schedule it and pay for it. And for some businesses, this is ideal. However, in other instances, these companies may not realize that Managed Print Services might be a better fit.

It’s our job to help you determine if a Managed Print Services program is right for your organization. But before we jump into when it is not a good fit, let’s quickly discuss MPS.

What is Managed Print?

A Managed Print program is essentially a consolidation of all your office printing to one single resource. This includes managing all in-house printing equipment, departmental and central printers, copiers, multifunction printers. Essentially, anything to do with generating toner on paper. The contract also covers maintenance and support for all devices. Read more about Managed Print Services.

When is Managed Print Services NOT the Right Fit for You?

To have a vendor manage this part of their business, you should have at least five print devices and/or a minimum of 5,000 monthly pages. Now that you have more information, here are the 4 reasons MPS is NOT a good fit for your organization.

  1. Cost – The more devices you have in your business, the better the savings when implementing MPS. A smaller organization may not see the cost benefits if they have just a couple users.
  2. Convenience – Depending on the office size, more equipment in different areas may be more consistent with to employee productivity. In this case, a more streamlined MPS approach might not be a fit. Although, we would still recommend looking into getting these devices under management.)
  3. Time-Saving – Similar to the point above, some argue that by centralizing printing resources, you will waste more employee time. They’ll have to take time to get up and collect documents elsewhere in the office which could include distractions – like talking with colleagues along the way.

When is Managed Print Services Right For You?

Now that you know who is not a fit, let’s talk more about why MPS is a great option for many.

  1. One Responsible Resource – By contracting with an MPS provider you have one responsible resource. A single telephone call or email should be sufficient to resolve any printing or imaging problem. This allows this provider to be able to understand your business and make recommendations in the process as well.
  2. Cost-Savings – When you account for the cost of printing hardware, supplies, maintenance, and staff support, as well as the potential losses from printer downtime, you’ll see that paying for Managed Print Services is far more cost-effective.
  3. Fewer Help Desk Calls – Your IT staff has more important things to worry about than printer support. When you consider the average salary of a computer network professional, saving time by outsourcing printer support comes to real savings in operating expenses. Most will typically overlook this expense and it can help justify this solution all by itself.  IT staff do not like to work on break fix on a printer.
  4. Security – One of the greatest sources of security leaks in any office is paper documents. MPS allows you to monitor and manage employees’ ability to print out sensitive office information. Another risk is most desktop printers are out of date on firmware which gives another avenue for a breach on your network.
  5. Fleet Management – Data-based recommendations on a continual basis to maximize to utilization of your fleet of devices.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

As you can see, for the right organization, the pros in favor of MPS far outweigh the cons. These are just a few of the advantages to adopting Managed Print Services. There are many more that a provider can cover with you.

If you still need convincing, try doing a cost analysis and compare it to a service provider’s assessment. Assessments are typically free and require very little of your time.

To schedule your assessment, contact Advanced Imaging Solutions today!