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Advanced Imaging Solutions prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for all of your office technology needs. We work with businesses like yours in Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan to align office technology with your business strategy, exceeding your goals and reducing your challenges.

Our experienced team has been pairing organizations with the perfect portfolio of office technology for many years, in some cases for over 20 years! Copiers may be our expertise, but we are much more than that. See how your organization can benefit from just one partnership.


Is your fleet of print devices in need of an update?

Whether you are currently using a bunch of desktop printers that eat up pricey toner or your copier sounds like it’s on its last leg, your print fleet could likely use an update.

In the long-run, copiers save money compared to desktop printers. Modern copiers take multiple measures to keep your information secure and are capable of performing more tasks than you would imagine, such as:

  • Print
  • Mobile Print
  • Scan to Email
  • Fax
  • Scan to folder
  • Scan to the cloud
  • Access the internet

Read more to discover why Advanced Imaging Solutions is not always the cheapest office technology provider but is the right fit for your organization.

Does your staff simply need to print, and an MFP seems like overkill?

Desktop printers are optimal for organizations or select individuals who print small quantities and do not need access to the additional features of an MFP. With print being the machine’s sole purpose, these devices are very user-friendly.

Another great benefit of a desktop printer is the ability to provide access to staff without having to leave their workspace. This is ideal for executives who print extremely sensitive documents.

While desktop printers are inexpensive up-front, the upkeep and cost per page is much higher in the long run.

Contact us today to select from our large variety of color or black & white printers.

Find yourself outsourcing large quantity print jobs more often than you should?

Minimize the cost of outsourcing brochures, booklets, flyers, etc. by bringing your printing in-house. With a production print device in your organization, you will be able to make a booklet from start to finish with features like:

  • Folding
  • Stapling
  • Binding
  • Hole punching

Allow more creativity and flexibility, with full control of your printing. Learn more about production printers here.

Hoping to make a bigger impact with larger prints?

Make a statement with big, bold media. A wide format printer can print exceptionally large, borderless, high-quality prints. For example, make posters, maps or blueprints right in your office.

With a wide format device in-house, you won’t need to outsource in order to wow your clients. No more outsourcing means:

  • Cost savings
  • Quick turnaround
  • Ease of access

Read more about the benefits of a wide format device here.

In need of a device to get the job done, without the budget for brand new equipment?

Interested in any of the print devices mentioned above, but concerned about the price tag? Don’t fret, ask one of our specialists about ReNEWed devices.

When one of our current customers upgrades to the latest technology, their previous device gets refreshed to be resold. These print devices are gently used and have years of useful life left. After the certification process, the device meets the current manufacturer’s specifications for new devices. The only noticeable difference you’ll see is the price!

Although the device has older technology, our satisfaction guarantee ensures there is no risk to your organization. If something goes wrong, the device will be replaced at no cost to you!

Ready to make ordering supplies for your device a hassle-free process?

Think about the way you order toner now. It likely isn’t a very seamless process! Wouldn’t it be nice to simply pass your device name along to a supply specialist who will take care of everything for you?

With a dedicated supply specialist, you are only minimally involved in the process, allowing you to focus on the work that matters to you. The specialist will provide you with price comparisons on compatible and OEM supplies and deliver supplies to you within just a day or two, saving you the time and energy needed to do so on your own.

If a supply malfunctions and damages a machine, we will send a tech to repair it for free.

Contact our supply specialist to remove the management of supplies from your tasks.

Are you ready to take collaboration and communication to the next level?

Impress clients, associates, students and competitors with ultimate, all-in-one, technology — Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD). An IFPD is a large touch screen display that operates just like a Windows computer.

The digital age requires quick communication and collaboration. The features of an IFPD allow you to connect up to 50 devices for real-time collaboration and improve engagement with a new take on doing business.

Whether you are hoping to get students engaged in the classroom or improve communication with remote staff and customers, contact us to set up a free demonstration and test this office technology with your own hands!


Do you know what it really costs your business every time someone hits “print”?

If you are like most businesses, the answer to that question is most likely “We have no idea!” Managed Print Services (MPS) is a packaged solution that allows you to accurately manage and budget the cost of print in your organization.

An MPS program will:

  • Place your equipment in optimal locations
  • Ensure you are utilizing the most efficient fleet of devices to meet (and not exceed) your needs
  • Eliminate the need for your staff to handle maintenance and supplies

Click here for a breakdown of benefits to implementing a Managed Print Services Program.

Wish you had more IT support for your organization?

Managed Network Services (MNS), are networking functions that organizations outsource to be remotely maintained by another party, also known as, a managed service provider (MSP).

Nearly all organizations have a need for some level of technical support. Your business likely needs computers, printers, access to the internet, software support, security and backed-up digital assets.

Large organizations can often hire teams of IT professionals to manage these needs. However, smaller organizations may not have the resources to do so. Even if your organization has an “IT Specialist,” they may not have enough time in the day to handle everyone’s needs.

A cost effective, head-ache free solution is to outsource your IT support. Gain a team of experts to support your existing staff. Contact us to be your IT experts and provide ease of mind.

Interested in reducing the time spent searching for documents and information within your organization?

How is your organization currently storing information? If you are using a paper-based filing system, data retrieval is no easy feat. Imagine the time savings your team would see if you could store documents away in a searchable database with the touch of a button, rather than a dusty old file cabinet.

A simple software solution can securely store business content and allow on-the-go access to individuals. Document Management software works to improve your workflows and reduce data entry error.

Read more about the benefits of digitization.

Did you know that your copier can reduce the burden of data entry and automatically route information where you need it

Allow your device to transform your workflows, whether you need to eliminate a tedious manual step in your data processes or want to convert hardcopies to editable, searchable formats. A simple cloud connector can help your organization get one step closer to attaining your productivity goals.

Read more about the many ways your copier can save you time here!

Want to increase stability, speed and security of your servers?

What is the Cloud, and what can it do for you? The cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet, instead of locally on your computer.

Compared to personal cloud services, like Google Drive or Netflix, business-oriented cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, are more acclimated to the creation of cloud-based virtual servers. A virtual server works just the same as a local server, except it saves the space needed for a physical machine.

In addition to saving space, cloud servers provide faster service for your money and allow for scalability. Quickly upgrade memory space with ease.

Interested in utilizing a cloud-based service from the Microsoft Azure environment? Contact us.

Is your team falling behind the times by using outdated versions of Microsoft Office compared to other businesses?

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based method of buying and running Office. With this method, you pay a monthly or annual fee and get access to the entire Microsoft Office Suite, including 1 TB of cloud storage space in OneDrive.

You can choose a subscription level that allows you to install Office 365 on multiple computers. As long as you keep your subscription, free updates to the software are automatic.

Want to ensure your team is always up to date and improve collaboration with Microsoft Office? Learn more about O365 pricing plans.

We’re more than copiers, contact us for a free consultation to build a strategic plan for your organization’s office technology needs. We have been helping businesses in South Bend, Merrillville, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids and surrounding areas for 25 years. Whether you need a new copier or think a combination of our office technology will help your organization to succeed, we work directly with you to ensure you receive the help you need to achieve your goals.