Print Security: What is it? Why is it Important?

Cybercrime is the largest threat to every business in the world and cybercriminals frequently target computer networks and devices.

Printers are one of the most overlooked devices when it comes to security in an organization. While you may not consider printers to be an access point for data-breaches, cybercriminals have discovered that printers are often a weak spot in an organization’s security.

60% of businesses in the United Kingdom, United States, France, and Germany suffered a print-related data breach in the last year, which resulted in a data loss that cost companies an average of more than $400,000.

The Impact of an Attack

Cyberattacks can be extremely detrimental to the affected organization. In fact, it is predicted that cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Immediately, you may think of economic costs, but consider the potential impact on your organization’s reputation. While many attacks result in theft of money or information (financial and corporate) a cyberattack can cause distrust of your organization.

For example, if word gets out that your business was hacked, current customers and prospective customers will think your business is not secure. Consequently, they will be hesitant to trust you with their private information, and some current customers may quit doing business with you.

Nearly half of all cyberattacks are committed against small businesses. A large corporation may have the finances to recover from an attack, however, that is rarely the case for a small-medium business. In fact, many small-medium businesses cannot survive after an attack and often go out of business within a year.  Additionally, the negative impact on an organization’s reputation may never be resolved.

Denial is Dangerous

Denial is one of the most common reasons for gaps in print security. For instance, many people deny that their organization could get hacked. Whether you don’t think someone would want to hack you or simply believe there is no way you could be hacked, please note there is no true rhyme or reason to the selection of a victim. In other words, hacks happen to completely random victims around the world daily.

For example, think of a household burglary. What is the likelihood that your home would be burglarized? There is no way to know, however, you take preventative measures to protect your home from being burglarized and have insurance to protect your belongings if a burglary were to occur.

The same preventative measures should be taken to protect your print devices. Print devices may be a bit of a headache to secure but are just as important as the rest of your networks and devices. After all, it only takes one incident to result in tragedy.

Why is Protecting your Print Devices Important?

Ultimately protecting your print device means protecting the abundance of sensitive data and documents that are associated with it.

Here are a few examples:

Healthcare Education Government
Comply with HIPAA laws with the most secure devices, protecting patient records. Prevent hackers from accessing confidential student records. Protect records and personal information from being lost or tampered with.

Print Security Expert

As an HP Premier Partner, we have a Certified Print Security Expert. He is part of a very limited group of experts in our area who are trained extensively to assist you with securing your devices, data and documents.

Meet Greg Hes: Managed Print Services Account Executive

“I have 18 years of experience in the Managed Print industry. Over those years, print security has become more and more prevalent as technology advances. The “bad guys” continue to find new ways to steal information using this technology. Allow me to help by showing you how HP print security tools can help protect your data and office equipment.”

Printer Security Assessment

Our Print Security Expert is qualified to perform an exclusive HP printer firmware security assessment. This assessment will provide you with a transparent look into your entire fleet of printers, highlighting any vulnerabilities and pointing out where you are already secure.

From start to finish, the assessment is not a time-consuming process. Once our expert gathers your print fleet information, the report is generated within seconds, resulting in an overview of the status of your devices’ firmware.

Each device will have one of the following firmware statuses:

  • OK
  • Out-of-date
  • End of Support
  • Security Bulletin Posted

Our security expert will break down this information with you and work with you to determine if any action needs to be taken. In conclusion, we are simply here to provide you with the information you need to ensure your fleet is most secure.

The best time to put printers at the forefront of your security efforts is now! Contact our security expert to schedule your free assessment.