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Modern printers and copiers do much more than just print and copy. Print devices also scan, send, and store potentially sensitive information. Recent improvements made to networked devices have helped streamline business processes and increase productivity, however, these added features may make your fleet vulnerable to attack. A print security assessment can reveal any vulnerabilities.

Most organizations understand the importance of security and have a strategy in place to manage their security concerns. For instance, your organization most likely has a firewall. However, that is just one layer of security. Consequently, if a hacker makes it past your firewall, they can easily see every device connected to your network. Therefore, this means that every endpoint on your network is susceptible to an attack, including computers, laptops, mobile devices and even your print devices.

To ensure security for your print devices, your security measures must be done in layers.

Do your printers have the potential to be compromised?

If you are unsure whether your print fleet has the potential to be compromised, take advantage of a free print security assessment with one of our experts.

Thanks to our Premier Partnership with HP, we can offer you three security assessments that will uncover your vulnerabilities.

Print Security Questionnaire

The Print Security Assessment Questionnaire will allow you to work through your current print security situation and determine if you are covered in all aspects.

In under an hour, you’ll learn everything you care to know about print security measures. As a result, the questionnaire will lay the groundwork with a brief discussion about the basics of your security policies and dive deeper into each of the layers of print security.

Above all, whether you are a security guru and simply want to ensure you’re taking all of the necessary measures, or a novice hoping to start taking steps to be more secure, this questionnaire will make sure you are on the right path.

Firmware Assessment Tool

Do you know that print technology requires regular firmware updates to remain secure?

“On average, over 10% of your current fleet of printers are unsecured and easily compromised, due to outdated firmware.”

Jim Schleis, Print Security Expert

The Firmware Assessment tool will run a search on your entire fleet of printers, to determine just how many of your printers have the potential to be compromised. Subsequently, within a matter of seconds, you will have a report detailing the status of each device.

Each device will fall into one of these categories:

  • OK – this device is still supported and there are no known security bulletins*
  • Out-of-date – no known security bulletins, however, the device needs a firmware update
  • End of Support – HP is no longer publishing regular firmware updates
  • Bulletin – this device has one or more known security bulletin
    • End of Support – this device can no longer be updated
    • Upgradeable – this printer can be updated

*A bulletin refers to a published notice of a found vulnerability and/or recommended update

Quick Assess

If you need further security discussion, we’ll connect you with one of HP’s leading security experts. They will dive deeper into detail about print security and help you to develop a plan for managing your security settings.

“Did you know there are over 250 security settings for a printer? Now that may be surprising, considering most businesses only touch one setting – the IP address.”

Jim Schleis, Print Security Expert

We know it can be very time consuming to set-up the security settings for every printer in your organization, and we want to help you find a solution to make this easier.

After this assessment, you will be offered access to a free trial of HP Security Manager, a software that allows you to monitor and manage the top 15 security settings on up to 50 HP printers, as well as, create a template of your preferred print security settings that you can launch to every printer in your organization.

Ready to discuss your security situation?

While modern technology can be a lifesaver, these advances make security a bit more of a challenge. With an abundance of security settings, the continual need for firmware updates, and security concerns you’ve likely never even considered, print security can be a little overwhelming.

Don’t let the stress of managing your fleet leave you at risk!

With the information covered in each assessment, you will be able to situate yourself on the path to security and ensure you stay on the path with a plan you can manage.

Hackers are out there looking, and we want to make sure they can’t find you. Contact us to start your free security assessment! Now is the time to ensure printers are included in your organization’s security plan.