Training on how to use a new copier from Advanced Imaging Solutions

The short answer is YES! The reality is, there may be a learning curve associated with new copy and print equipment. For that reason, we have a Product Training Specialist on our team. Consequently, this ensures you and your team are comfortable using all of the features of your new print device.

Other companies may offer training, however, here’s the Advanced Imaging Solutions difference:

Dedicated Training Specialist

Advanced Imaging Solutions has a full-time Training Specialist in-house. While some companies include product training as a responsibility of their Sales Representatives, we feel it’s more beneficial to the customer to have a dedicated trainer. As a result, this allows the individual to fully devote their time to educating the customer on the proper operation of the products we offer. In other words, it’s critical that our trainer has an in-depth knowledge of each function and feature of every product we sell.

Additionally, our trainer is a technology professional with advanced presentation skills to make the learning process efficient and successful. So, the trainer works closely with the Sales, Service, and Customer Care teams to provide a positive customer experience.

The Training You’ll Receive

After you purchase equipment from Advanced Imaging Solutions, our trainer will contact you to schedule a date and time for training. Then you will determine who from your team should attend.

On the day of the scheduled training, it’s common practice for the trainer to go over every function of your new device. However, if you don’t need in-depth training, he/she can cater the training specifically to your needs, answering questions you may for specific applications. For example, here’s a breakdown of the topics the trainer will plan to cover (if applicable to your device):

  1. Key printing features
    • Print defaults
    • Hold and Locked print features for security
    • Finisher options (stapling, hole punching, etc.)
    • One-click preset applications
    • Paper sizes and types
  2. Print driver compatibility
  1. Default settings for copying
  2. Document settings for copying
  3. How to program shortcuts for frequent jobs
  1. Scan to email/folder and other scanning applications
  2. Default settings for scanning
  3. Options available for scanning
    • Resolution
    • File type
    • Naming
    • Security
Trouble Shooting and Consumables:
  1. What to do if copy quality changes
  2. Dealing with jamming
  3. Loading toner
  4. Adding staples
  5. Placing service calls

Because training is for your benefit, any additional questions or concerns you have will be discussed. This may seem like a lot to cover and you may be worried that you’ll forget how a certain function works, but don’t fret, the trainer isn’t a one and done.

Additional Training

The training specialist does not go away after the initial training has been completed. We are always a phone call, email, or text away to answer your questions and assist in training any new personnel that join your team. Additionally, a product training specialist may make a follow-up visit as a courtesy call to share new ideas or help with functions that may have been missed.

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