Ricoh vs. Savin vs. Lanier

Feeling overwhelmed by the many different brands of copiers and printers for your business? We completely understand.

Many manufacturer names come up when researching before your next copier purchase; Ricoh, Lanier, Savin, Canon, HP, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Sharp… the list truly goes on and on!

When shopping around it is important to find the manufacturer that will most suit your needs. While many of these brands’ products are different, you may notice similarities in the design and capabilities of three brands: Ricoh, Lanier and Savin.

This might make you wonder what the difference is in these brands. You may even be asking, “Are Ricoh, Lanier and Savin are all the same?”

If you have asked yourself this question, you are correct. There is no difference between Ricoh, Lanier and Savin. Each of these brands is a sector of the “Ricoh Family Group”, and their products and features are the same. In fact, our In-House Service Technician is responsible for placing the Lanier label on our devices when they come out of the box and setting the brand name in the control panel.

Why are there three brand names?

Now you may be wondering why there are three names for one product. Ricoh acquired the two other brands. Once acquired, Ricoh kept each of the previously established brand names and slowly phased out the varying model numbers, making all the products the exact same.

Originally, each brand was created to target different markets, Lanier for large corporations, Ricoh for medium-sized businesses and Savin for small companies. With time, the market specifications went away and now the three brands sell the same products, with identical model numbers, to all markets.

Is there any reason to buy one of these brands over the other?

Each of these brands’ products function the same way, are made of the same parts and can use supplies interchangeably. The brands even have the same compatibility to print software, such as PaperCut.

Considering that it’s no longer the case that each brand is geared towards a target market, the only true difference in these brands is the authorized dealers who provide and service the equipment.

Although you can buy directly from the manufacturer, there are often many benefits to purchasing from a local authorized dealer.

Dealers are selected to sell a specific brand, for example, Advanced Imaging Solutions can sell Lanier but not Ricoh or Savin. However, one of the advantages of working with a dealer is that they can carry other lines. Advanced Imaging Solutions sells HP and Canon as well Lanier, while another dealer may sell Savin and Kyocera. With multiple product lines, you are much more likely to find the products that truly fulfill your needs.

How do I make the final decision?

In reality, all brands are made to complete the same basic functions, copy & print. For this reason, you must look beyond the brand and look deeper, into the needs of your business, in order to determine what device to purchase. It’s important to purchase equipment that has the capabilities, functions, and service you need. To do this, it will be beneficial to find a dealer who will help you to find the correct equipment for your business.

Advanced Imaging Solutions takes a consultative approach to document management by learning your business objectives and identifying your processes. Once we have worked with you to determine your needs, we will match you with the ideal equipment and solutions.

Contact us today for a consultation on your current print environment. Not only will we ensure you have the best set-up for ultimate productivity and efficiency, but we will also find the right brand to suit your business.