managed print services assessment

Managed Print Services (MPS) can be the key to reducing print waste and improving your print costs throughout your organization.

But implementing a Managed Print Services program requires first undergoing an MPS assessment.

To optimize your print fleet, your MPS provider needs to map out your print fleet and assess your document workflow. To do so, your provider must run a print audit. As a result, the audit will provide data-driven insights on each individual employee’s print usage over a period of time.

This analysis is key to delivering value through managed print solutions. Whereas a superficial assessment is unlikely to produce any real value, an in-depth assessment offers profound insights into the way you do business and identifies opportunities to save.

In an unmanaged environment, the total office document costs of printing a single page of paper can reach up to $0.70 once infrastructure, facility, and opportunity costs are all factored in. This is far from the reported visible hard costs – like paper and toner cartridges – that rarely exceed $0.10.

A comprehensive assessment identifies all of these costs and associates them to specific printer usage statistics in your document workflow. This lets your Managed Print Services provider create a complete solution for controlling document costs.

Understand the MPS Assessment Process from Advanced Imaging Solutions

A Managed Print Services assessment relies on specialized print software that logs printer usage throughout your organization. The only way to gather in-depth data on your specific print environment is by remotely monitoring the use of printer resources at the individual user level.

The assessment process brings to light previously unknown print costs, giving your provider the data needed to create a complete and scalable managed print solution.

Our process is five steps:

1. Gather Data

The first step is to install print software that will monitor the usage of your company’s print fleet. This is achieved by installing software on a single administrator computer that has privileged access to your network-connective printers and multifunction devices.

If you are using printers that are not connected to the network, other options may include running print audit software on a USB drive attached to the printer itself. Whatever the model of printer, there is a solution for running a print usage assessment.

2. Evaluate

After gathering data, managed print experts can then pour through the data to glean insights about print usage at your company. These insights can range from unexpectedly high per-page costs for color printing jobs, higher-than-necessary print volumes from certain departments and users, or security vulnerabilities from unencrypted network-enabled devices.

3. Implement

With the story your print data tells in-hand, your Managed Print Services provider can begin deploying document workflow solutions that generate new efficiencies while reducing printer waste. This deployment can take a number of forms, from moving your existing centralized office printers to different departments and deploying newer, more efficient equipment.

Implementation is custom-tailored to fit the data gathered in the first step. The data may show a need for more business office equipment, or for less – it’s all about print usage and efficiency.

4. Manage

Once a local provider deploys a managed print service solution, it can begin actually managing your print environment. This means providing service and supplies as you need them, and to perform ongoing assessments to adapt your print fleet to new business needs as times goes on.

5. Review

One of the most important aspects of a Managed Print Services assessment is that it does not end. In order to continually improve the efficiency of your print fleet, a Managed Print Services assessment is an on-going task. You will continue to receive print audit logs showing user behavior and print usage statistics. This lets you fine-tune usage to adapt to new business needs as they come up.

Equipment Power + Utilization = Managed Print Services

Deploying Managed Print Services means finding the right balance between equipment power and utilization. For instance, under-utilized equipment and over-utilized equipment can be rearranged according to the insights gained from comprehensive print audit data.

Your Managed Print Services assessment is the key to unlocking these hidden opportunities to increase document workflow efficiency. For example, a Managed Print Services provider is your partner in controlling document costs and your copier service company. As well as, improving the efficiency of day-to-day tasks throughout your business.

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