4 Costly Words: “I Just Hit Print”

How many times during an average work day, do you hit the Print button? If you keep track of that data for each employee, the number is mind-blowing. And these 4 little words, “I just hit print” could be costing you unnecessarily. Let’s explore how implementing a rules-based software can help you save on unnecessary print costs.

Most employees are not lucky enough to have a print device right next to them, instead they typically share a print device with others in their work group. Think about this, how frequently do you print and jump right up to retrieve your document? All too often, employees get sidetracked after sending a document to the printer and forget to ever retrieve it. “I just hit print.”

Since they didn’t get their document, that same employee hits print again because someone else has already picked it up or thrown it away. “I just hit print (again).”

In other situations, an employee will print from an application, such as the internet without realizing how many pages they are about to print. Rather than printing Pages 2-3 (the ones they actually wanted) they find 20-30 pages in the output tray. “I just hit print.”

Software Can Help Any Industry Save on Print Costs

Do either of the above situations sound familiar?

It doesn’t matter your industry, whether you’re in Education, Legal, Manufacturing or Healthcare, you have likely experienced one or both scenarios. The data shows that up to 12% of all print jobs are waste because they are never collected. 12%! Those unintentionally printed pages from the internet also become waste. So, how can you reduce or eliminate these wasteful scenarios and subsequent expenses?

Some choose to use the device’s print driver to force a lock, hold or secure print status. Learn more on how to do that here. This method works if the user does not manually change that status. Some multi-function printers (MFPs) can assign allowances to each user, but this method also has its liabilities. And then there is the old “Honor System”, which almost always is ineffective. Wouldn’t you prefer a more reliable way to control this issue at a higher level?

Implementing Rules-Based Software to Help You Save on Print Costs

From our experience, there is only one method proven effective in changing behaviors and reducing printing costs. This method is, implementing a tracking, rules-based software. There are many good options to choose from like PaperCut, Equitrac, Uniflow, Print Logic, Pharos, Consult, Pagetrac, etc.

How is a tracking software so effective in saving on print cost?

Here are a few key benefits to implementing a print software:

  • Hold, lock, secure print is mandatory. User has no access to turn this status off.
  • Users authenticate at device to select which jobs to release.
  • Delete unwanted jobs in queue can by the user or automatically, based on the preset parameters.
  • Activate pop-up messages at the time user is selecting to print, indicating the number of pages sent to the print, the cost associated with the total print job, etc.
  • Anywhere Print – release print jobs from any device on the network that uses authentication for release. (Depending on the software solution chosen, the name of this functionality may differ.)
  • Capture usage from all output devices by user, job, application, etc. for accountability.
  • Enforce rules like two-sided output, no emails to print in color, reroute jobs to lower cost devices, etc.

The items listed above are just a few of the more common ways your organization can benefit, but there are many more reasons to deploy this type of software! By implementing a rules-based software, companies have saved at least 10% in printing costs.

At Advanced Imaging Solutions, we’ve specialized in print technology for over 25 years. Let us know if we can help you find the software that is compatible with your environment or if you have other questions about the print software.