School is back in session and if you and your team of educators are looking for ways to engage and inspire your students, simplify presentations and peer collaboration, and save you time and money, here are a few technology solutions that might be just what your classroom and/or school have been looking for:

#1 Interactive Flat Panel Displays

This electronic whiteboard has the functional flexibility to meet the needs of today’s learners. With large, bright, and colorful visual display and hands-on use capabilities, Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) enable students to engage with content in a fresh way, bringing the content to life and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

Because of IFPD’s can be accessed by multiple users at once, this tool is especially suitable for group learning. Students can utilize this tool to collaborate with peers, understand concepts, and problem solve to uncover solutions together. IFPDs help teachers to meet students where they are at and flexibly benefit a variety of learning styles.

And IFPDs can help schools save on operational costs by minimizing paper use in the classroom.

#2 Microsoft Office 365 Suite

How can teachers and students utilize the Microsoft 365 Suite in the classroom? Given the massive variety of functions available through this suite and since users can access these programs from any internet-connected device, there are several options for educators and students.

Here are just a few applications that may be particularly relevant inside the classroom:

  • Whiteboard Preview (Note taking, problem solving, and more)
  • Word (Essay-writing and other written assignments)
  • Powerpoint or Sway (Presentations, anyone?)
  • Forms (For example, to collect feedback and other data from students in an organized, easy to access manner)
  • Tasks (Class or small-group project delegation of tasks)
  • Mail (Communication between teachers, students, and parents)
  • Calendar (Scheduling and deadline tracking)

#3 Document Management & Print Software

Is unnecessary paperwork cluttering your desk drawers and filing cabinets? Try document conversion and/or automated processes in your classroom.

Perhaps you have paperwork that no longer needs to be stored in paper form, but that does need to be kept on hand — Document conversion may be the solution to help you save space while also maintaining the records required.

How about easing your paper-driven processes with automation? Various flexible options are available to meet the needs of your classroom and/or school at large.

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