Temperature screening kiosks graphic

What is a temperature kiosk?

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, temperature kiosks have made their way to the marketplace.

A temperature screening kiosk is a contact-free and automated device that checks an individual’s temperature to determine whether he or she has a fever, to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

How does the kiosk read a temperature?

Touchless temperature kiosks use infrared (IR) technology or laser thermometers to read an individual’s body temperature. This is typically done by scanning the forehead or hand to provide a reading within seconds.

The kiosk requires certain environmental conditions for operation because it uses infrared technology. The FDA recommends the following environment:

  • Draft-free; out of direct sun or heat sources
  • The optimal environmental temperature should be between 60 and 104 degrees with relative
    humidity below 85%

Because infrared readings measure the surface temperature, the reading may be slightly lower than you would expect for a “normal” body temperature. Surface temperature readings can vary from the actual body temperature by as much as 1-2 degrees. Additionally, the distance from the scanner can affect the reading. For optimal scanning and results, the subject should stand within 2 feet of the device.

Benefits of Temperature Kiosks

Touchless temperature kiosks are an ideal alternative to handheld readers. With a kiosk, there’s no need to dedicate personnel to stand at the entrance and scan individuals. Not only does this eliminate the risk of exposure to your personnel, but it also frees up their time, keeping them focused on what is important.

The kiosks typically take just a few seconds to scan, which will eliminate any bottlenecks caused by requiring temperature testing upon entry. Additionally, instant email alerts are available to notify someone like a receptionist or the HR department of abnormal temperature readings.

Handsfree screening enables employees and guests to keep a safe distance from the device, eliminating contact transfer. Another great benefit is the simplicity of cleaning and sanitizing the device.

Optional features to consider when selecting a kiosk:

  • Integration with door systems or turnstiles
  • Mounting options: desk, stand, wall mount, etc.
  • Mask detection and optional settings to require a mask for entry
  • Facial recognition with the ability to store logs
  • Network connectivity
  • Integration with RFID card readers
  • Email alerts to notify key personnel of elevated temperature readings
  • Connection to a thermal printer for badges/ID cards

What is the cost of a temperature kiosk?

The cost of a kiosk will depend on the capabilities and features of the device and its software. Typically, touchless temperature kiosks can range from $2,000 to $7,500 with an average right around $3,500. The pricing can also vary due to mounting options, quantity discounts and installation requirements.

Who does a temperature kiosk work best for?

The answer to this is that the application for kiosks are limitless. Whether you work in an office environment that wishes to take the temperatures of employees or vendors entering the building or a school looking to temp check students upon arrival, this may be the ideal solution for you.

Kiosks can also benefit hospitals, labs, factories, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, assisted living facilities, and more!

Limitations of Temperature Kiosks

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is not guaranteed with the use of temperature kiosks. Asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carriers of COVID-19 can be contagious but would not have a fever to detect.  However, more than 83% of individuals who tested positive for the Coronavirus experienced a fever. These devices can protect your business by identifying most individuals with a fever. Please note fever-reducing medication can affect the results of the scanner.  

These devices are relatively new, so the technology is still being developed. Some manufacturers have plans to further integrate these devices but are still working toward the rollout of additional features. Developers add new features and capabilities regularly. However, the devices have somewhat limited functionality for now.

Temperature screening kiosks are becoming more and more robust by the day. Be sure to look for a unit that has the software capability to adapt with your needs.

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