Megapro Customer Testimonial

In an initial conversation between one of our print specialists and Michael May, Foreman at Megapro, the specialist uncovered a print issue the company faced and knew a change would eliminate hassle.

Their Situation

Initially, this local multi-bit screwdriver assembly plant had 4 desktop printers sitting next to each other. Megapro was using each printer for a different purpose. The first was for scanning to their corporate office in Canada, the second was for printing standard labels, a third for printing specialty labels and finally, one for printing transparencies. In total, these 4 printers represented multiple brands, which meant each device required different ink. 

Megapro had the solutions they needed and didn’t realize there might be a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. However, after a discussion about each of the printers, Michael mentioned that the printer they use for transparencies wasn’t printing dark enough.

The Importance of Dark Prints

Printing logos onto the screwdrivers they assemble is a step of Megapro’s process. The logos are printed onto the screwdriver using the pad printing process.

In pad printing, an image or logo is printed on a transparency. The transparency is then used to make a print plate. The black image on the transparency must be very dark and solid in order to properly etch the print plate. Once the plate is made, it’s ready for use on a pad printing machine. A silicone printing pad transfers the ink from the print plat to the screwdriver. As a result, you have a branded screwdriver.

Because dark black prints are crucial for Megapro’s assembly process, our print specialist found the best device for printing very dark black images on transparencies. Therefore, he selected a Canon multifunction printer. After providing Michael with a few printed test transparencies, the print plate making process worked flawlessly.  

Saving Time and Money

As a result of purchasing the Canon multifunction printer (MFP), Megapro was able to eliminate 3 of the 4 desktop printers they were using previously. Unfortunately, the MFP was unable to replace the fourth since it is a specialty label maker with a unique application. Their new device saves them physical space by doing the jobs of 3 different machines:

  • Print dark imagery on transparencies
  • Scan to email and their corporate office in Canada
  • Store label files on the device’s hard drive for easy retrieval

As a result, they’ve saved time and money by right-sizing their print fleet. They no longer need to deal with purchasing and stocking 4 different types of ink for their devices. Above all, they’ve benefited from to cut costs and eliminate hassle.

Eliminate Hassle

In conclusion, one free conversation with a print specialist made the life of Megapro employees simpler, when they didn’t know that it could be. The new device minimizes the time it takes to search for files and energy put into making a print plate. Before, Michael had to make multiple transparencies and plates to get a good result. Now, they can make a transparency and a print plate without any issues on the first try!

“It [the multifunction device] took a lot of frustration away, I can make the plate the first time and I don’t have to do it over again, I don’t waste any money . . .  and that’s pretty cool.”

Michael May, Foreman of Megapro

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