digital conversion

Managing paper records is often overwhelming. Users, customers, and business partners expect data to be on-hand the minute it’s asked for. But searching for documents in a physical filing cabinet simply takes too much time.

The truth is that the costs of paper-based business are often greater than most people realize, and those costs only increase with time. Implementing a flexible, digital document management solution reduces the amount of time it takes to find documents, mitigates the risk of damage to documents, and significantly lowers the cost of document creation and archival.

For example, consider misfiled documents. A conservative misfiling rate of 0.5 percent in a standard four-drawer cabinet can lead to 1000 misfiled documents per cabinet. What happens when an employee needs to check a customer record and finds that the record isn’t there?

The problem amplifies when considering the danger posed by unexpected natural disasters like fires and floods. Paper archives are much harder to backup than digital ones. Additionally, if all of your business records exist in paper format, it is only a matter of time before problems arise.

Digital Conversion is the Key to Long-Term Efficiency

In today’s business landscape, responding quickly and assertively to customer requests is more important than ever. If a customer calls your office to ask about a payment, that customer expects an immediate response. You can’t tell them to hold while you spent 15 minutes checking a paper filing cabinet anymore.

What modern businesses need is the ability to reliably and automatically capture incoming documents and store them in a secure digital format. This is the promise of digital conversion as made possible by document management software companies like Square 9.

Square 9 software captures incoming documents and transform them into actionable digital files. Instead of manually inputting data and exposing customer information to data entry errors, the system scans the paper and transforms it into a digital file. Which is then immediately ready for further processing.

This helps with content management, process management, and the development of web forms that users can access from the comfort of their computer or mobile device. With a document management solution (DMS) in place, you can digitally transform your business processes into intelligent, automated tasks.

Indexing and Search for Business Documentation

One of the most powerful advantages to using a DMS for digital conversion is the ability to index your documents according to any number of search terms. Every document in your business can be categorized by its type, purpose, use, or by arbitrary keywords that administrators are free to use, re-use and re-assign as they see fit.

This allows knowledge workers to have unprecedented access to the data they need to produce value. Having a robust, secure, searchable index of all of your business data turns challenging, time-consuming processes into simple ones.

Document Management Offers State-of-the-Art Security

Another major benefit to undergoing digital conversion is the ability to implement next-generation security solutions that integrate multiple lines of business. Professional document management solution providers like Advancing Imaging Solutions can develop platforms for ensuring access privileges and policies are strictly enforced.

In a paper-oriented environment, barriers to physical access are often the only security tool effectively in place. This offers some level of protection. However, it can thwart neither a determined thief, nor a company insider with privileged access.

With a document management platform in place, you can generate audit trails for any number of document-related processes. This lets administrators follow intrusion paths to determine where and when security compromises occurred. Giving them the best chance of recovering any damages incurred.

At AIS, our cybersecurity expertise ensures that the infrastructure we put in place offers the greatest protection at the best value for our clients’ needs whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Improve Collaboration through the Cloud

Using cloud technology like Square 9 improves our clients’ collaboration capabilities. This solution incorporates best-in-class cybersecurity into a document management platform that is easy to deploy and use.

These tools help to reduce the number of times specific documents are printed, improving processing times and reducing paper waste. This is especially helpful in industries that rely on contracts and negotiations to generate value. Keeping track of multiple versions of a contract under negotiation is challenging with traditional paper-oriented processes.

With Square 9 collaboration capabilities, it’s easy to ensure contracts enjoy track changes, revision histories, and overall legal compliance. This done through enforced digital rule sets. It gives businesses the ability to get contracts signed quickly and efficiently. Which vastly improves the speed of contractual processes and negotiations.

By converting to a digital process, signing contracts and processing documents with local partners or multiple parties located all over the globe is equally simple. The software ensures that your organization has a robust platform in place for all of its business processes.

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