copier service provider

Unfortunately, print devices break down and need service throughout their lifetime, just the same as a car does. Does your business have a strategy in place for when the copier goes down? Whether you’re searching for a new printer and copier service provider or simply curious to see if your current provider is up to par, these key factors will help you determine the best service provider for your business needs. 

Serviceable Brands 

What copier and printer brands are the company’s technicians certified to service? 

There are many office equipment manufacturers. When selecting a service provider, it’s critical to know the brands of equipment they can sell and service. If your business is loyal to a brand, Canon, for example, you’ll need to select a service company that’s certified to repair and replace Canon devices.  

Local providers are often capable of servicing and supplying multiple brands of devices. In comparison, if you work directly with a manufacturer, they are likely limited to one brand. As a result, if you have multiple brands of devices you’ll need to find a service provider for each brand of device. 

However, if the equipment manufacturer brand isn’t a high priority for your business, the company you deem the best can work with you to replace your equipment with brands they can service. This is a great choice if your business has dated equipment or a large variety of equipment brands. Having a uniform fleet is easier for your business when dealing with supplies and service.  

Positive Reputation 

What do other people have to say about their experiences with the service company in question?  

One of the simplest ways to determine a company’s reputation is to look at their online presence. Social media, review sites, and the company’s website provide a place to see opinions and experiences others have shared. 

Platforms such as Google allow users to leave honest, unbiased reviews about a company. A well-established company will have multiple reviews online and can easily provide you with references if asked.  

Convenient Request for Service and Supplies 

How seamless is the process to request service? 

A great service provider makes it very simple for you to manage your office equipment. This is achieved through easy options to place your request for service or supplies. Common methods include placing a request over the phone, sending your request through email, or submitting a request via the company website. However, the most effective option is an online portal that lists your account’s equipment and is accessible 24/7. 

Local Service 

Is the printer & copier service provider local?  

Locally owned and operated service providers tend to have dedicated technicians for various areas within the territory they service. When electing to work with a service provider that isn’t local, their technicians may have to travel a great distance to get to your repair. This can result in a longer wait for service.  

Additionally, supporting a local business benefits you and your community. 

Quick Response Time 

How much time will it take for your service request to be resolved?  

You cannot afford to have a down machine for an extended period of time. Therefore, quick response to your service call is a key deciding factor when selecting a service provider. Providers measure response time in two parts; how quickly a technician contacts you after you place a request for service and how long it takes for the technician to arrive for the repair.  

For great service, a technician should contact you within an hour of your service request and arrive for an on-site visit within 4 hours, the industry average. A print service provider should monitor their response time regularly. Most often they have a promised response time in their service agreement and hold themselves accountable to these standards. Don’t hesitate to ask prospective service providers about their average response time. 

Experienced & Properly Equipped Technicians 

Are the service technicians properly trained and prepared to resolve your print issue? 

A fast response time is irrelevant if the technician that arrives doesn’t know how to fix the device or lacks the parts needed to resolve the issue. A great service provider invests in their service technicians to fully prepare them for an abundance of repairs. This is accomplished through training and certifications, as well as providing each technician with the supplies needed to do their job effectively.  

The best service providers equip their technicians with laptops, tablets, cellphones, and vehicles. Additionally, each service vehicle should be stocked with a variety of parts and supplies that enable the technician to resolve an error on the first visit.  

Trusted Advisor 

Will your copier service provider bring additional benefits to your business?  

An excellent service provider is also a trusted advisor for your business’s print needs. Your service provider should check in with you regularly, to ensure your technology is still the best fit for your needs and to introduce you to trends and technology that can improve your productivity and save on costs.  

Before selecting a service provider, it’s important to do your research. Partnering with a copier and printer service provider is typically a multi-year commitment. Therefore, finding a service provider that stands behind what they say is pivotal in a successful partnership. Use each of the tips above to help you select your provider. You can find much of this information online or by contacting each company with questions.  

At Advanced Imaging Solutions, we hold ourselves accountable to strict service standards. In fact, our service commitments are in writing, We share them with each customer before signing a contract. For over 25 years our award-winning service team has provided businesses with the best service to keep their business running smoothly. We are ready to help you too!