There are many temperature screening kiosks on the market. However, the touchless temperature screening kiosk with facial recognition from Advanced Imaging Solutions is ideal for businesses that want to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases within their organization. This device provides businesses with a contact-free method for temperature screening, preventing individuals with an elevated temperature from entering the building.

With this technology, your organization can have a more effective method of prevention than asking screening questions that people can easily answer with false information. Additionally, you won’t need to put a staff member at risk, by having them break social distancing guidelines to take temperatures.

This contact-free temperature kiosk connects to your network to provide remote monitoring and tracking through a web software, ensuring your team can maintain social distancing from individuals with an elevated temp.

Capabilities of the Temperature Screening Kiosks

The temperature kiosk from Advanced Imaging Solutions has a variety of features that make it stand out from the competition. Not only is this device an out-of-the-box solution, meaning, when you receive the device it is ready to take temperature, but there are multiple additional capabilities. Your organization will want to customize the features and settings listed below to meet your preferences.

Facial Recognition

Enter employees in the system so the device can use facial recognition to store their records for tracking.

Mask Detection

The device can be set to deny entry for individuals who aren’t wearing a mask.

Stranger Record

This option enables the device to save the information of unregistered individuals. If this is turned off it will read their temperature, but it won’t store their data.

Live Body Detection

This setting prevents individuals from showing a printed or electronic photo to the device for the temperature screening.

Email Alerts

Set up email alerts to one or more specified email address whenever someone fails a screening due to high temperature, no mask, or both.

Visitor Pass/Badge Printing

Set up badge printing through a Brother label printer for visitor passes. 

Integration with Door and Turnstile Access

The device can integrate with your door access or turnstiles to admit or deny entry automatically.

Future Features of the Temperature Screening Kiosks

Temperature screening kiosks are newly developed; therefore, the functionality is still evolving and being improved each day. As of right now, the kiosk cannot:

  • Function as a live time clock for clocking in and out
  • Utilize key fob/proximity cards in place of facial recognition scanning

These features and more are in the works and plan to be added in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

When researching this technology our customers have had multiple questions. Below are answers to some of their most frequently asked questions. But before we jump into the questions, let us break down a couple technical terms.

There are multiple software applications that you may need depending on how you want to use the device, all of which are included in the pricing.

MIPS: Software that runs on the kiosk and operates all features of the Temperature Scanner

VisiPoint: Installed on the kiosk and allows you to send notification emails and/or print labels

Smart-Pass: Installed on a PC which enables the use of the admin dashboard

FAQs about Device Hardware

Can I place the device outside?
  • No, this is a tablet using infrared technology so it must be placed indoors
What size is the screen?
  • The tablet is an 8-inch full view LCD display
What technology does the device use? 
  • Industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera
  • Night infrared and LED dual photo flood lamp
How will the device get updated?
  • The device itself will perform automatic updates
Can this device operate off of battery power or Power over Ethernet (PoE)? 
  • No, this device must be plugged in to operate 
What options do I have for mounting the device?
  • Currently, we offer a floor stand or a desktop stand, both of which allow the device to pivot.
Does this device come with a maintenance agreement?
  • You can choose to purchase an optional maintenance agreement with the device
Is there sound on the device? 
  • Built-in speakers provide audio alerts including warnings for abnormal temperatures and to request that users wear a mask
How can the device connect to the internet?
  • The device can connect to the internet via ethernet or wireless connection

FAQs about MIPS Software

How far does an individual have to stand from the device to be scanned?
  • 1 foot to 1.5 feet
How long does the temperature reading/facial recognition take to complete?
  • It takes less than a second to read an individual’s temperature when properly positioned in front of the device
Can you adjust the temperature threshold?
  • Yes, but it must be adjusted in Celsius
How many stored employee/visitor entries will the device hold?
  • 30,000

FAQs about VisiPoint Software

What type of printers can I connect?
  • For now, the only compatible model is a Brother QL-800 DK printer
What type of labels do I need?
  • 2205/22205 labels
What can I print on the label?
  • The software has multiple options for what you can include on the label. For example, your label settings include: scan image, user name, user type, scan time, temperature, and company name.

FAQs about the Smart-Pass Software

What is the best way to manage visitor records?
  • A staff member, such as a secretary, can add guests to the system using remote management
Can the software run from a PC or does it need to be a server?
  • Yes, it can run from a PC, because the software is only a 400 MB file size and it runs in the background
What kind of database is needed?
  • None, the device software uses built-in MySQL
What operating systems will run this software?
  • As of today, the only compatible operating system is Windows. However, Mac compatibility may be added later.
How will the software get updated?
  • Similar to any computer application, such as Microsoft Word, you will update the kiosk monitoring software as updates become available
Can I manage all of my devices using one account?
  • Yes, multiple devices can be tracked on one account, therefore, your scan history can easily be monitored

If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to ask. One of our experts will be happy to help.