copier brands

Advanced Imaging Solutions has worked diligently to form partnerships with three of the leading copier brands in the document imaging industry: Lanier (Ricoh), HP, and Canon. By having access to the full suite of products of all three manufacturers, we can provide the best hardware and solution offerings for our clients’ needs.  

We are authorized to offer solutions from all three manufacturers in every market we serve. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we have the solution for you! 


Lanier is a copier brand name that falls into the Ricoh USA group. Advanced Imaging Solutions has been an award-winning dealer for Lanier since our inception, in 1995.  

All of Lanier’s offerings are sold through a nationwide network of dealers. The portfolio of offerings includes: 

  • Document Management Software 
  • Imaging Software Solutions 
  • Multifunctional Devices 
  • Standalone Printers 
  • Wide Format Devices 
  • Interactive Flat Panel Display Boards 

Through these offerings, we can provide your organization with the right tools to boost productivity, increase efficiency and lower your operating cost – all while supporting the environment.  

Click here for more information about the Ricoh, Savin and Lanier copier brands. 


We formed our relationship with HP in 2006. HP’s strong name recognition and market share with desktop printers and aftermarket supplies made it a natural connection. 

In 2018, Advanced Imaging Solutions became a Premier Partner, 1 of 125 across the nation. As a result, this accreditation allows our business to offer HP’s full line of product offerings, including: 

  • Desktop Printers 
  • A3 & A4 Multifunction Devices 
  • Wide Format Devices 

When it comes to device security, HP is an industry leader. For example, in HP Sure Start, each device regularly checks its operating code and repairs itself from any attempted attacks. Run-Time Intrusion Detection continually monitors activity to detect and stop attacks, then automatically reboots the device. Whitelisting checks firmware during start-up to help ensure its authentic, good code – digitally signed by HP. 

Click here for more information about HP’s security features.  


Canon is a leader in digital imaging solutions. In fact, in 2019, Canon was the leading manufacturer in the market share of three device categories: US Laser A3 Copier/MFP (B&W and Color), US Laser A3 Copier/MFP (B&W), and US Laser A3 Copier/MFP (Color).

Our partnership with Canon is the most recent of the three and has been in place since 2009. Canon was the principal maker of engines found in industry-standard laser printers for many years. As it stands today, Canon has differentiated itself from competitors in several vertical markets.  

For example, their machines are a necessity in the legal sector for their Bates-Stamping capabilities. Additionally, the “Essentials” package has enhanced productivity in Manufacturing organizations by integrating different workflows through their multifunction printers.  

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Long-Lasting Partnerships 

Our organization aims to maintain long-lasting relationships with customers, vendors, and employees. Additionally, we want to put the correct solutions in place for your needs and adapt with your organization as those needs change. We’re more than copiers! Read more on how your organization can benefit from a single partnership.