When you purchase a printer or suite of printers in the case of some businesses, keep in mind there will be costs beyond the cost of the machine itself. Some of these costs may be more obvious than others. Either way, it’s important to know what costs will be involved as you make your choice for printers:

Hard costs make up only a fraction of your total print costs. Hard costs could be business office equipment, consumables including toner and ink cartridges, maintenance, paper, and electricity.

Hidden costs go beyond the products associated with these hard costs, or in other words, purchases that you don’t directly exchange money for products. Rather these are items related to other resources, such as time cost.

These hidden print costs might include costs of printer downtime, device and network management, and employee time spent interacting with office printers.

Similarly, think about costs related to the process of printing, such as consider the preparation, collection, and finishing of printed documents.

Also, you will want to consider human users and elements, such as the potential time and capital losses of printer problems, errors, and mistakes. You may even be setting yourself up for catastrophic losses by leaving your printer network unsecured.

Perhaps the biggest hidden cost of managing your own printer fleet is the opportunity cost of dedicating IT resources to low-impact printer maintenance. If you hire a managed print services provider to manage your business printing costs, you free up important IT resources that you can dedicate to strategic high-impact initiatives.

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