VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers to cloud-based phone systems that businesses often use to replace the use of a traditional landline phone.

Why are businesses making the switch from landlines to VoIP systems? Simplicity and efficiency, among several other benefits.

Cloud-based VoIP systems enable users to access phone calls via multiple mobile devices at a time with options to add handheld devices as well. Furthermore, licenses for use can be added and removed to align with your business’s needs as it scales overtime.

Not only is VoIP simple to use, it’s also simple to set up. The system can be arranged to integrate seamlessly with any current Office 365 environment. And right away too – Transitioning from your current landline phone system to a cloud-based VoIP system can occur without interruption or gap time in service.

That also goes for the cost – There is no large upfront investment involved in upgrading to a cloud-based VoIP system.

Unlike traditional landlines, cloud-based phone systems provide the flexibility needed for businesses to efficiently and effectively communicate with customers, leads, and teammates, whenever and wherever and with the same high-quality response time.