most secure printer brand

When shopping for a printer there are multiple factors to consider. To be clear, in this instance, a printer refers to a device that does not copy or scan, just prints. First, determine how much you are willing to spend on hardware. Remember that supplies are an ongoing cost, so the least expensive printer isn’t always the best option. Be sure to factor in the cost of supplies. Second, check the features and capabilities of the device. You’ll want to make sure the printer offers all you need it to. The final and arguably most important factor to consider is “How much security does this printer brand offer?”  

Why is Printer Security Important? 

Security should be the number one concern when buying any device because of the potential damage this could cause to your business. Whether the attacks come in the form of data breaches or halting your productivity, the risks associated with printers have the potential to cost you money and a loss of customers. 

Everyone knows that security risks and breaches, in any form, pose threats to both our personal lives and our business, so businesses put measures in place to protect their networks. Often, we find that businesses do not have measures in place to protect their printers. Because printers are often connected to the network, they are an endpoint that has become an easy target for hackers. 

CyberNews recently conducted a study to test the theory that printers cause a higher vulnerability risk. They “presume that out of 800,000 internet-connected printers across the world, at least 447,000 are unsecured.” That is over half of all printers worldwide! 

With this risk, you need to defend your devices, data, and documents with the highly secure printing. 

Which Brand is the Most Secure? 

HP offers the world’s most secure and most resilient printers. 

Of the top four printer brands: Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP, only HP offers print security that stops threats the moment they happen, through: 

  • Real-time detection 
  • Automated monitoring 
  • Built-in software validation 

With HP, you’re more secure on every level, so the trouble that’s out to get you, stays out! 

It’s important to note that these security features aren’t available on all devices. View a list of compatible devices.

How Do HP Printers Protect Your Business? 

As the most secure printer brand, HP printers can automatically detect and stop an attack during all phases of operation, as well as notify your system of potential trouble. 

During Startup 

The boot code, or BIOS, is a set of instructions used to load critical hardware components and initiate firmware. HP devices validate the integrity of the code at every boot cycle. As a result, your device is safe from attack. 

While Loading Firmware 

Compromised firmware puts your organization at risk. Because of this, only authentic code, digitally signed by HP, can be loaded. If an abnormality is detected, the printer reboots to a secure, offline state and notifies your IT department. 

During Run-time 

HP embedded features help protect printers when turned on and connected to the network. This is when most attacks occur. HP devices detect and prevent unexpected changes to the device memory. 

When Connecting to the Network 

Unique HP technology inspects outgoing network connections to stop malware that connects to malicious servers, steals data, and compromises your network. 

Knowing the possible print security risks and how to prevent them, enables you to keep your office safe from data breaches and confidential information leaks. With the best print security features, your printers and company information, are secure!  

Even though HP is the most secure printer brand, t all HP vendors are the same. Consider working with an HP Premier Partner who is certified perform an exclusive HP printer firmware security assessment. The assessment provides a transparent look into the security level of your fleet of printers.