Why do I need Managed IT

The process of managing IT infrastructure has changed drastically over the last year. The pandemic has forced many companies to question if they need managed IT services. This is due to changes in how and where their employees work. For example, the new reality comes with challenges such as managing remote workers, protocols, and new security issues.  

Partnering with a Managed IT Services provider allows for the flexibility, expertise, and expandability necessary to keep your workforce productive and secure regardless of where they are working from.  

Below are a few reasons your organization needs a managed service provider. 

Economies of Scale 

When partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) your business gains a team of engineers and support desk technicians. This team is readily available to help with any technical issues. Therefore, as your company grows, you do not need to increase internal IT resources to keep up with demand. An MSP supplies adequate resources for you. This covers your organization if you see an increase in IT related help tickets. 

A managed IT services contract is based on the number of users in your organization. So as you add or reduce headcount, your cost changes accordingly, without sacrificing the quality of support. 

Broad Ranging Expertise 

No two networks are alike. For that reason, managed service IT professionals are proficient in many areas of IT and train in the most up-to-date technology. Continued education and skill improvement enables an MSP to make the best recommendations to clients like you about what they can do to make your network more efficient and secure. 

At the start of COVID, companies were forced to transition their team to remote work. This came with unexpected challenges. For example, many companies had issues connecting their staff to the on-premise server so they could access their shared files. Some companies had a limited firewall that did not have enough VPN connections to make it possible.  

A managed service provider would be there to provide options for resolution and carry out the solution. With a range of expertise working on multiple organization’s networks, an MSP can offer solutions your internal IT team may not even be aware of.  

Reducing Costs 

There are two ways a managed IT services provider can reduce the costs associated with IT support. 

First, outsourcing all or part of your IT needs to an MSP is typically less expensive than hiring and maintaining an internal IT staff. Once you consider the cost of benefits, overtime, training, network management tools, and turnover, you’ll find that it’s more cost effective to use an MSP as an extension of your team.  

Another way an MSP can save you money is by increasing your organization’s uptime. More uptime will enable your employees to be more productive, thus allowing you to be more effective at the core of your business. Uptime is money. 

Is outsourcing your IT department right for you? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself when deciding if outsourcing your IT with a Managed IT Services provider is right for you. 

A true Managed Service Provider is a partner in your business. They learn your needs and desires for growth. Therefore, they can make clear and concise recommendations on your infrastructure, software, and overall Network to meet your needs. 

As an experienced managed IT services provider, we truly are invested in fulfilling the needs of our clients. Additionally we put out any “fires” that may arise to keep your team up and running as much as possible. If you are interested in having someone take over your IT support or are just looking for a little added help, our team would be happy to help. 

Learn more about whether outsourcing your IT is right for your organization below.