You’ve just installed new print devices in your environment and your provider is asking you to install a remote monitoring software, such as FMAudit, @remote or IWRemote. However, you may have some concerns. You might be asking, “Why do I need to install monitoring software to track the meters on my print devices?”

Similar to electric, gas or water meters, your provider may require a frequent report of your print usage for billing purposes. Let’s uncover the reasons it will benefit you to install a remote monitoring tool.

What is a remote monitoring software for print devices?

Remote monitoring software, like FMAudit, @remote or IWRemote are meter capture tools used to obtain meter readings on devices connected to your network. Additionally it is worth noting, these tools will not capture information on devices that are not connected to your network, like a USB-connected printer.

Installing this software automates the process of meter collection to your provider. Unlike city offices, copier providers don’t have on-staff “meter readers” that can come out and regularly check your meters. Nor would you want someone wandering through your office interacting with your printer devices! Not having this tool means that someone within your organization would become your “meter reader” requiring them to pull and submit a reading, in some cases, monthly.

There are many benefits to installing this software on your network:

  • Eliminate the time and hassle involved with pulling and submitting meters
  • Automates the billing process
  • Ensures accuracy and eliminates human error

At Advanced Imaging Solutions, FMAudit is our preferred tool and it encompasses all devices on your network, no matter the manufacturer. We do occasionally use @remote for Ricoh, Lanier, Savin devices or IWRemote for Canon units, however these tools only report on a specific brand.

Is installing FMAudit putting my network or information at risk?

There are often concerns about installing this software because it is tracking devices on your network. This shouldn’t be a concern – the tool is completely safe. FMAudit has been authorized for all networked environments and is HIPAA-compliant. View the technical FMAudit Whitepaper here.

A monitoring agent does not give your provider a view of prints, rather it pings the device’s IP address to collect the page counts.

Here’s a sample of the FMAudit view.

Screenshot Remote Monitoring Software (FMAudit) Dashboard

Can my provider access my server through a remote monitoring software tool?

No, your provider can’t access your server. There are 2 tools through FMAudit.

  1. FMAudit Onsite is a tool you’ll install on your server and you manage it. It sends information, one-way.
  2. FMAudit Central is a tool that FMAudit hosts and manages. It receives information from FMAudit Onsite.

FMAudit Central sends the meter reads to your provider’s database. Neither your provider or FMAudit has access to view, edit or navigate FMAudit Onsite or anything else on your server. You can request access to FMAudit Central to review exactly what your provider sees.

Can I automatically get toner if I’m using a remote monitoring software tool?

Possibly, it depends on your provider but in some instances the transparency into your meters allows your provider to be proactive about toner shipments which can be an added benefit to your organization.

At Advanced Imaging Solutions, we only utilize FMAudit to obtain the meters on the devices. However, we do have an auto-ship program through FMAudit for customers who meet certain criteria. For more information on that program, please contact your account representative.

Is there a cost to installing FMAudit?

Because this tool provides so much value to our clients, Advanced Imaging Solutions does not charge anything additional for the installation of FMAudit.

How to install FMAudit

In a matter of minutes, you can install the remote monitoring software for print devices on your network. You’ll gain an up-to-date look at your printing infrastructure.

For instructions on how to install FMAudit with Advanced Imaging Solutions, click here.

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons your print technology provider may ask you to install a remote monitoring tool but rest assured they are all in the best interest of you! Whether saving time or providing more accurate billing or proactive services, we feel that you’ll quickly see the value of installing a tool such as FMAudit.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a specialist.