Copy, Print & Scan Devices


Find the right fit

Our experts will help you evaluate your processes to be sure you have the right equipment to fit your needs, keeping you focused on business. Some advantages include:

  • Capabilities and speeds to fit your demands
  • Optimization of workflows to keep you productive
  • Peak performance to keep your equipment running
  • Control costs by right-sizing your fleet
  • Equipping you with software to gain transparency

Copiers & Multifunction Devices

If you’re looking for versatility, multifunction printers (MFPs) might be the right fit for you. These devices come in black and white or color and are intended for environments where multiple people will use the device. They allow for printing, copying, scanning and even accessing the internet in some cases. These cutting edge devices will give you the flexibility to add on software that can help streamline some of your processes.

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Desktop Printers

As you might be able to guess, a desktop printer is typically found on your desk! What our customers have found is that not all desktop printers are made equal. Although these devices can be a more convenient option than an MFP, there are security and cost concerns that can come with this equipment.


Scanners are a cost-effective solution for businesses with employees that need to scan important documents quickly. Keep costs low with the use of a centralized multifunction printer for all document needs and dedicated scanners placed throughout your organization for more immediate scanning needs. 

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Copy, Print & ScanResources

If your organization is looking to cut expenses, desktop printing (one of the least audited business expenses) is a good place to start. According to...