Managed Network & IT Services

Reduce the cost of your IT maintenance budget by moving the risk management into our hands

Key benefits of managing your network include:

  • Reduction of costs associated with maintaining your digital environment
  • Coordination of efforts to devise a working infrastructure that matches your needs and desires with our skills, techniques, and efficiency
  • Proactive monitoring of your network to help you avoid a slew of technological problems
  • Access to an experienced team of professionals who can troubleshoot your problem and resolve it quickly

Network & Security Management

  • Content Filtering & Reporting
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Spyware, Botnets & Phishing Protection
  • VPN – Secure access for remote users

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Daily Backups Automatically
  • Same Day Virtualization
  • Data is Secure in Three Places
  • Automatic Nightly Offsite Transfer
  • Backup Verification & Reporting
  • Monitoring for Backup Failure

Full Customer Support

  • Remote Assistance
  • Onsite Services As Needed
  • Support Center

Strategic Technology Consulting

  • Technology Solution Engineering
  • Strategic Technology Business Reviews
  • Proof of Concept Lab Testing

Hassle-Free Vendor Management

  • Manage Technology Relationships
  • Single Point Of Contact for Vendor Issues

Server & Workstation Management

  • Patch & AV Updates
  • SPAM Control
  • Email Archiving & Email Continuity
  • Critical Monitoring 24 x 7 x 365

Do you have a need for one time IT projects?

Keep your team focused on mission-critical work and allow our experienced team of certified Project Engineers to be your resource for those more complex IT projects.

As part of an Office 365 deployment, let us help you migrate the contents of your legacy file systems and user mailboxes to Office 365.
Learn from our Azure engineers about the advantages and opportunities for hosting servers and services in the cloud.
Let us assess your disaster recovery readiness and recommend a set of strategies and technologies that will help protect your data and business.
From basic upgrades to complex network design, we can help ensure your networks are designed to handle your data and bandwidth requirements.
Security & Data Integrity are paramount for every network – when was the last time you made sure your network was up to date?
Whether it involves expanding your network to include remote offices or else upgrading older hardware components, Let us analyze your network and recommend solutions for enhanced security while maintaining secure and efficient access.
Are your VMWare or Hyper-V Hosts running the latest Hypervisor? Do you have aging equipment that needs to be replaced and upgraded? Our server engineers can help you define the best processes for ensuring your upgrades go smoothly, with as little downtime as possible.

Managed Network & ITResources

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